Apple Used An Australian Game To Debut Its New Gaming Controller

And that game was Crossy Road. Seriously, could it have been anything else?

Regardless of what you think of Apple’s new gaming controller — Kotaku’s Jason Schreier isn’t a fan — it remains pretty cool that Apple is using Australian developed games to show off new technology. It’s something of a habit. You might remember that Rob Murray of Firemonkeys showed off Real Racing 3 on the Apple stage for the debut of the iPhone 5. That was an attempt to prove just how powerful the iPhone 5 was, this presentation was more about simple, clean living room gaming for families.

Andy Sum and Tom Killen of Hipster Whale followed suit this time round, showing Crossy Road running on Apple’s new Apple TV with Apple’s new gaming controller. This time it seems the goal was to show Apple’s attempt at moving gaming onto the big screen, but it also gave the Hipster Whale team a chance to show off a new Apple TV-exclusive feature — Crossy Road multiplayer.

Which looks pretty cool. As someone with a son who is obsessed with Crossy Road (AKA: the birdie game) I absolutely see myself playing this with him.

But Apple TV’s gaming functionality does seem like a bust. The whole streaming from the cloud thing kinda makes it useless. Games over 200MB can’t be used on the Apple TV so that pretty much cuts out… every high-end mobile game ever — including games like Hearthstone and Fallout Shelter. Unless the developers create an Apple TV specific version of the app, which I’m sure they will in due time.

But generally speaking, that seems like insanity, but probably speaks more to who and what this gaming controller is for. Apple TV is primarily a device for TV. It’s in the name after all.

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