Netflix And Twitch Coming to Oculus Connect

Netflix And Twitch Coming to Oculus Connect

At Oculus Connect today, the company announced video apps, including Netflix and Twitch, and confirmed Minecraft is getting proper VR support in 2016. An updated Gear VR, compatible with all 2015 Samsung phones, hits in November for $US200, but no word on a price or release date for the Rift…yet.


    • Traditional shows would be pretty boring, although having personally used a “Cinema” app to simulate a huge 150″ projection system, I can say it’s pretty cool. The real thing that excites me though is 360 degree video. Having watched a documentary using this filming technique I think it’s the best possible way to watch a doco. You get directed to things to look at, but can still tilt your head, look around at more than a wide angle lens could ever capture.

      • True. I’ve seen the 360 videos on youtube, but you’d only get the real impact of wearing on a headset.

        • The real impact is with a headset true, but I love the idea of a doco where I can just pan and see the camera crew, just feels more real, more impressive.

    • Apparently they set it up so that using the headset it is like you have a TV several meters wide/tall. A proper ‘theater’ like visual experience on your couch.

    • You should try one, the Netflix one simulates sitting in a beautiful home cinema in the snowy mountains. Everyone that I have shown has loved it.

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