Australia Is Playing Host To A Major International League Of Legends Tournament

Just weeks after a its successful Oceanic Pacific League Finals event, Riot Games has announced that the International Wild Card All-Stars (IWCA) event is taking place at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.

The IWCA is a massive four-day event that begins on November 26 and finishes November 29. The top teams from Oceania, Turkey, Russia, Japan, Brazil, South East Asia and Latin America will compete for the chance to play in the All-Star Event in Los Angeles in December.

In short, for the uninitiated, this is a big deal.

“We are really excited to hold IWCA in Melbourne's Margaret Court Arena. It’s going to be great to see players putting aside their team rivalries to represent their regions. We hope fans from around the world rally behind their All-Star teams”, says Daniel Ringland, Esports Manager, Riot Games Oceania.

The IWCA is an event where the top players put aside team rivalries and represent their region. Think of it as the World Cup for League Of Legends or, at the very least, the main qualifying for the World Cup. Either way — it's an important tournament that will see some of the world's very best League of Legends players competing live in Australia for the very first time.


6,000 tickets for the event will be made available for sale at 11am this coming Monday, September 7.

Prices are as follows:

— Saturday 28 November: Single IWCA ticket, RRP $25 — Sunday 29 November: Single IWCA ticket, RRP $30

You can find out more about the event and how to purchase tickets here.


    I've always wanted to go to a proper big e-sports tournament, I understand league and Melbourne is just a day trip away.

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    Representative eSports isn't something I ever thought of, but it's a great idea and show how far eSports is coming when you can represent your country at it.
    Would be great to see it on TV, but ABC would probably be the only ones to consider it and wouldn't br able to afford it.
    Hopefully it'll be streamed.

    Definitely going to be grabbing a ticket... or at least try to :P

    I'm not surprised to hear this. Talking behind the scenes:
    -They need a bigger venue than the Big Top and the Hordern, but not as big as the next step up - Allphones.
    -The AV company (who did a brilliant job at the OPL finals) are based in Melbourne. I can only assume Riot will use them again.
    A change of city makes perfect sense for purely logistical reasons, and considering tickets are $30-ish, Riot obviously aren't doing it to make money - they want a hyped-up crowd for the stream. It's basically a big advertisement for LoL, and to a lesser extent, e-Sports in general. Get in on those tickets quickly if you're interested in going - speaking from experience, you'll have a great night. I'm actually jealous of the venue lucky enough to host them again.

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