Australia’s Best Cosplayer Will Win This Sexy Golden Dragon

Australia’s Best Cosplayer Will Win This Sexy Golden Dragon

You may have read my rant about the competitive nature of cosplay earlier today, but sometimes it’s okay — and even encouraged — to be competitive in cosplay. One of those times is when you’re competing in one of the biggest Australian national cosplay competitions — such as Oz Comic-Con’s Australian Championships of Cosplay.

This cosplay competition is a Big Deal™. Winners of the inaugural 2015 competition not only get a substantial cash prize of $1000, but will also be flown to the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago early next year. This lucky winner will then be representing Australia in the final round of the “Quest for the Crown” competition. Aside from all this (as if you needed anything more), the final prize the winner of the Australian Championships of Cosplay will be taking home at the Sydney event has just been revealed today — by the local cosplayer who has been charged with designing and fabricating it.

Sunday Cosplay, a NSW local, was commissioned by Oz Comic-Con to make the trophy — because who better to design a trophy for cosplayers than someone who knows the community? The only direction given to Sunday Cosplay by the Powers That Be was to ‘make it epic’, so he came up with this 30cm tall, 3D printed, shimmery gold dragon — a suitably epic mix of WoW’s Red Crystal Dragon and Deathwing’s tail. The shiny shield plaque is laser etched — proving once again that everything can only be made better with lasers.

The trophy (in true cosplay fashion) is yet to reach its final form, but we will be looking out for it at the finals of the Australian Championships of Cosplay on the 27th of September.


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