Awesome Zerg Cosplayer Rushes Terran Convention

Awesome Zerg Cosplayer Rushes Terran Convention

One of the most impressive cosplays at this year's Otakuthon in Montréal, Canada was Starcraft-related. But this time it wasn't a Kerrigan or other similar costume we usually see at conventions, but an incredibly well-made zerg Hydralisk.

Starcraft's iconic ranged, snake-like unit is anything but humanoid, so walking around in a costume like this would be a bit challenging. But the creator Dadboy got over all the difficulties and proved you don't need creep tumour to move fast as a zerg. An escalator will do fine.

Dadboy has a gallery over here, showing how this superb costume was made.


    I would never get onto an escalator while wearing that.

    That's brilliant. One of the best cosplays I've ever seen. All he needs is some mechanism to shoot green acid at people.

      gak is pretty cheap and I am sure he could craft some sort of low power potato gun type thing and rig it up

    I was expecting him to be charging people yelling ekekekekeke

      False advertising in the title. I expected the same and left disappointed.

    Needs to be mass produced... what's a Zerg without the swarm?

    that hands down is th best cosplay costume ever!

    I made a terrible mistake. Read Zerg...thought Zurg from Buzz Lightyear.

    when you start scaring children is when you know your costume is well made

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