Be Careful, The Next Guy You Trash Talk Could Be UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt might be the heaviest hitter in the UFC. He's almost certainly the toughest fighter living in Australia right now. His autobiography Born to Fight comes out on September 29, but I was lucky enough to get an advance copy. There's a game related story in there that I have to share.

Consider it a Public Safety Announcement.

I interviewed Mark Hunt last year and discovered he was actually a tremendously invested Counter-Strike player back in the early 2000s — to the point where he was playing 60 hours a week and it was affecting his training.

Mark talks about Counter-Strike quite frequently in his book, but this story stuck out.

There was one particularly embarrassing moment in my CS life when I was performing poorly in an online session and some keyboard warrior kept riding me and riding me. Things got heated and I ended up asking this dude where he lived. He told me, and to my delight his place was just round the corner from me.
When I got to this guy's house, a ten-year-old opened the door. I asked the kid where his dad was, and he said he was at work. I went home with a face so red it was about to spontaneously combust.

We've all been there. Goddamn 10-year-old kids and their god given ability to trash talk.

But this is a warning. A good one. You never know who is on the other end of your garbage trash talk. Jesus wept — could you imagine opening your door to an angry Mark Hunt? A guy with the potential to make mincemeat of your brain? Bad idea.

The autobiography is titled 'Born To Fight' and is well worth the read. There's a lot of interesting stories about Hunt's love for video games and how it genuinely helped him through some difficult times in his life.


    Gotta love some of the stories sports stars have. One of Australia's best snowboarders, Ryan Tiene, used to play shedloads of CS. So much so that he and a couple of the film crew would talk classic strats and plays they'd all pulled off over their years of playing. Good friends to have on a chairlift ;)

    Mark Hunt is quite a funny name if you say it fast enough.

      Not as bad as his brother Mike Hunt.

        I hear they both get along well with Mike Hawk though

        Or even his cousin Phil Mike Hunt

    It's a bit pathetic that he was ready to go over and have a crack at someone over a game at any rate.

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    Mark Hunt isn't the scary part of this story.
    The scary part is the 10 year old giving their address out to people on the internet O.o

    I imagined the kids father hiding behind the door:

    "Tell him I'm at work! Tell him I'm at work!!!""

    Goddamn 10-year-old kids and there god given ability to trash talk. There/their. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

    He can't hit them, so it makes no difference to any other person getting trash talked.

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