Best Dad In The World Makes His Son The Perfect Gaming Gift

There are dads. There are good dads. Then there's this Reddit user anoldradical.

Not only has the guy reared a son who appreciates old classic video games, he's built him an emulator machine that plays all his favourite (old) games. It's amazing.

The concept: make an Android based emulator machine and embed it into a box that looks like a treasure chest from Zelda.

It started out like this:

After researching, he decided to make the system itself run on a rooted OUYA console running a custom firmware: simple, clean and capable of running the 7000+ games he had installed on the device.

After a serious of amount of effort, he had something that looked like this:

After getting the controller to look right, and installing a screen inside the treasure chest, this is the gift in its final form:

Seriously, how good is this? Every one of the emulators in the box has been optimised for peak performance, and it can be plugged into a TV if need be.

I want one of these. What an amazing idea, and so brilliantly implemented on every possible level.

Father of the year. No doubt in my mind.

You can see more pics of this being created, along with a heap of insight into the design process here.


    I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't jumped on this guy. Hopefully he kept his identity a secret!

      Maybe he has 7000+ cartridges sitting on the shelf behind it? :)

        I don't know how it works out these days (I haven't checked since 2002 cause I've had enough of copyright and ethics) but I remember the days when people said that they were allowed to download or rip copies of their legally purchased games, and play them on an emulator.

        However, I also remember pseudo-intellectuals telling me that it wasn't exactly legal, because you weren't allowed to copy the game onto a new medium and play it in a way it wasn't intended to, as it breaches some sort of terms of use, or something?

          Actually, you were only allowed to rip your copy. If you obtained a digital version from say, the internet, then it's no longer technically a rip of 'your' copy. This will then be piracy, even if the code is 100% identical, which it almost certainly will be. It's all legalese after a point.

          Yeah I don't know if "format-shifting" is exactly permitted, but that's the excuse most people try and use. Downloading ROMs from the internet is pretty much flat out illegal though, whether you have a cartridge or not.

    Absolutely love how the son is greeted when opening the lid.

    Father of the let him get fined for massive piracy. GG

      Yeah what a dirty criminal scumbag, lets find out where he lives and ruin his life.

    Is this one of these presents that dads give to their kids, and then play with them themselves?

    For example, my dad bought me an N-scale train set when I was little. He played it more than I did.

    When I was 13 he bought me a bottle of port, which I never touched, and he drank it.

    He bought me a television when I was 16, which was actually a replacement for the TV in the living room, and he took it with him when my parents separated.

    Best use for an OUYA I've seen so far.

    This guy isn't going to get hit with massive fines btw. It's not like he's making them and selling them at a premium - it's a gift for his son. It'd cost more money to actually do the fining.

    Great dad. What a fantastic one of a kind present.

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