Bloodborne's First Full Expansion Has Just Been Announced

Over at the pre-TGS Sony press conference, the first full expansion has just been announced. It's titled The Old Hunters, and will be out on November 24. Take a look a the trailer below.

As usual, there are some pretty cool weapons and enemies on display. And judging by the name, it sounds like there will be some vital insights into the history of the church, perhaps before it schismed.

Help me out folks, is that a beast transformation I see at 1:03?

From the sound of it, the beginning dialogue goes:

Curse the fiends, their children too. And their children, forever true, are called to the bloodlust wherever they be.

There's a fair amount of footage from the existing vanilla version, but certainly enough new stuff to get me excited. Maybe we'll get to see what that Yharnam Stone does. Anything special you noticed?


    So excited for this. Platinum'd Bloodborne, but still crave more.

    As for your question regarding the beast transformation at 1:03, I'd gather they edited how the Beast Claws function once you obtain a certain amount of Beasthood from attacks?

    Oh damn! This might be enough to get me back into the game after platinuming it!

    Anyone notice the MC using a shield in the trailer (around 1:20)? Didn't look like the wooden shield to me...

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