Borderlands Joins The List Of Xbox 360 Games Compatible With Xbox One

Briefly: Borderlands has joined the growing list of Xbox 360 games compatible with Xbox One, Microsoft announced today. It's already available for Xbox One preview members, while everyone else joins the party in November.


    Boredomlands amirite?

      As someone who played a shit load of the first game
      You are definitely mostly correct when viewed in light of the second game which was better in every conceivable way

    I would have bought this off the xbox store, but $30 is a bit steep

    Can anyone confirm that the DLC works aswell?

      Yes, yes it does :) Your game saves carry over too!

    Can someone invite me to the be an Xbox One Preview Member?

      No real point mate, its full at the moment and the acceptance has gone down to a trickle.

        Ok - Thanks. I have checked the list of compatible games and there aren't many yet anyway and most aren't my flavour.

          Yeah, there are a heap of people on the forums begging for access, and they've all been invited, but just aren't being accepted at the moment. The backwards compatability made everyone want to join the preview program, so its pretty much at capacity :(

    Great game, gave it a flogging on the 360 and don't think I have anything more to do in it lol

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