Can Until Dawn Survive 5 Minutes With Honest Game Trailers?

Until Dawn is a mixed bag of high-end visuals, horror, teen drama and quick time events, so of course it's brimming with material for Honest Game Trailers to sink its teeth into. If you were waiting for Smosh Games to take a look, it's time to stop your digital loitering. Warning: The video contain spoilers for the game!

While it may tick the box for every horror trope in existence, Until Dawn does have some interesting gameplay mechanics. OK, that's not entirely true — going from the clip alone, it appears mostly comprised of sequence requiring timed button presses (and other mini-games), collectible hunting and throwing snowballs at people.

Jump scares are also plentiful, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you enjoy that sort of thing, though they will wear out their welcome if you have to replay sections again and again because you tripped over an errant log, or accidentally impaled yourself on a meat hook.

Hey, that can totally happen.

UNTIL DAWN (Honest Game Trailers) [YouTube]


    God dammmmmmnit I really need this game...

      You really do, it's great. First game to force me to dust off the PS4 in a very long time.

      Yep. It's frickin' awesome. Highly recommend playing with others so you can marvel together at the teen douchebaggery and proliferation of horror film tropes. It's fantastic.

    This game was the bomb. Most original horror game I have ever played. Yeah Honest Trailers is funny, but I highly recommend this game, no jokes.

    It's easy for gamers to get bogged down in technicalities like QTEs, but what matters in a horror game is the tension and state of terror between the scares and the adrenaline payoff from the moments of horror. Game had awesome pacing and meaningful decisions. Again, this game is the bomb (best played with a group of friends taking turns).

    If you haven't played the game I wouldn't recommend watching this as it is CHOCKA BLOCKA full of spoilers. That being said as someone who bought a PS4 for this game (and Bloodbourne) I played it through back to back twice.

      Did you notice much difference in the plot the second time through? Just finished with the misses and want to play through again but thinking about giving it a bit of time to hopefully forget some of our choices and just find out where it takes us...

      Other option is to jump right in and do everything opposite lol


        In all honesty the plot is practically the same. The only difference being the two characters that can die first (Jess and Matt) have a little end bit before the ending scene in the cabin where you have to guide the two of them (or one) through a very short 3 minute scene to get them to safety. Other than people missing from the final scene, the final scene will always at least have Sam and Mike there as they can not die until this moment.

        Personally I found the game to be a lot more fun the first time through as there was the huge illusion of every choice making a difference as well as the illusion of your character being in danger. After one play through though you're aware of certain things such as :

        Sam is never in any danger in any of her scenes due to the Psycho being Josh and he just wants to scare her and not kill her.

        In the Josh/Ash scene the saw will always go to Josh so Ash can't die there. The only part Ash can die pre ending cabin scene is a cheap moment if you split off from the group to go investigate the Wendigo impersonating Jessica's voice.

        Matt can die twice either at the cliff part with the deer (which you will only die at if you're stupid) and the part where he tries to save Emily and falls off the building. If you don't have the flare gun on Matt at that point (Either Emily kept it or he shot it randomly into the sky because you agreed with her plan) then he'll die here. He can also then die at the end in his short 3 min escape the mine scene.

        Mike cannot die even if you stuff up every single one of his QTE's and chop his finger off until the end scene. This really kills the immersion of the game once you're aware of this since he seems to be in the most danger during his scenes in the asylum.

        Jessica can die twice. Either if you take the slow route to her when she's taken by the Wendigo or if you make the wrong choice during her escape the mines scene near the end.

        Chris can die only twice pre the cabin explosion. The bit where he's shooting/running from the Wendigo's either from making a mistake during the QTE or Ash not letting him in because he tried to shoot her with the fake gun (Total bitch move imo). He can also be the one who investigates the Wendigo impersonating Jessica's voice (I'm assuming this because the achievement when I got it for Ash said - Let Chris or Ash open the trap door).

        Emily is the character that can die the most which is probably no surprise since everyone hates her. She can either be shot by Mike, have her eyes gouged out by the Wendigo, chopped up to bits in a mincer or blown up in the cabin scene.

        And as you'd be aware Josh doesn't die during the saw scene and he only has one point in the game where he can die and as the honest trailer says it's if you missed a photo + Hannah's diary. Although him "surviving" isn't exactly what I call a good ending for him either.

    This game has been my surprise of the year so far. Best horror I've played since P.T. and even a great game to watch others play.

    Eager for some DLC at some point too! I snagged a free copy and want to give the developers a little cash for their trouble!

      Apparently the writers of Until Dawn were hired for a two-game deal, so the intention was there to make a sequel. However, that was before it jumped from PS3 Move to PS4 Dualshock, so things might have changed (I hope for a sequel too!)

        Whoa, that would be great! It seems like the perfect game for DLC. A few episodes here and there, maybe involving their first trip to the cabin (where the twins went missing) or the detectives sent up to investigate after the events? I'd be buying those immediately!

    LOL, "a mixed bag"? Why are reviewers continuing to parrot the idea, put forward by cynical pre-reviewers that Until Dawn is a mediocre game? It's the 3rd highest reviewed PS4 game on Amazon right now, behind GTA V and The Last of Us. I mean, get a clue folks!

      I think it may be because it is less of a game and more of a 'choose your own adventure' book. It relies very heavily on characters and story, so if you don't like either of those you probably aren't going to have a good time.

    Didnt like this early on, thought the characters were all douchebags but after the first couple of chapters this games great.

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