Australia Is Kicking Arse In Civilization's Nuts 61-Player War

Civilisation's Huge 61-Player War Is Just Nuts

As I type this, a computer is simulating the biggest and most destructive conflict Civilization V has ever seen. Over 60 factions are currently waging war, and the world they're leaving in their wake is a...weird one.

Battle Royale Mk II, as it's called (the first Battle Royale died an agonising death), recently ticked past 2000 BC (150+ turns at its speed), and already the world is teeming with galleys, archers and swordsmen.

Civilisation's Huge 61-Player War Is Just Nuts

So who's kicking arse? At the moment it's...Canada and Australia (the game is full of mods, adding a ton of unofficial factions), though the Boers, Texas and Afghanistan have also been putting up a good fight. To see how the world is shaping up, here's a map recording the size of each Civ at the end of the last update

Civilisation's Huge 61-Player War Is Just Nuts

Note that this is a domination game and a domination game only: there's no science victory, or diplomatic victory, or any other way cowards and pacifists can normally slink into first place. In Battle Royale Mk II, there is only war.

Civilisation's Huge 61-Player War Is Just Nuts

And what a war it is. While seeing 61 human players go at it would be hilarious, there's something fascinating about watching the computer take control, and seeing what happens when the game's factions and rules are dropped on a map and left to their own devices.

Civilisation's Huge 61-Player War Is Just Nuts

The AI sure knows the value of a strong and early religion; not only are some spreading at a rapid pace, but all the religion slots have already been filled.

You can read through the game's latest report, complete with maps and a play-by-play, here.


    this could lead to a new genre of game.... i can imagine world simulation talking over in "dynamic worlds of sandbox" that are procedural generated such as this...

    I wish the big fancy overview map was labelled better.

    I wonder if Canada and Australia had a bigger block of 'clear land' around them at the beginning of the game while all the European and Asian factions would have been right on top of each other?

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    Economic powerhouse Geelong.

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    The Kiwi's got Tasmania!!

    ...oh well

      It's not like got lot ever remember us anyway. At least the Kiwis will appreciate our company. #KiwiUprisung

        I, for one, welcome our new Kiwi overlords. I had one come into work the other day and the moment he spoke I laughed. It was a good day.

          I have a Kiwi uncle who, whenever he visits, we force to order Fish and Chips for us, he knows what we are doing, he orders the fish and chips, then asks if we want to eat it on the deck.

    going by the imgur post theres two australians doing well. if you want to call kimberley australian. but they are sixth :D

    I think GOW ( ) is the best war game. Its graphic is more perfect!

    I love browser games like Furia Ninja, which is a naruto online rpg game. It's free for playing at:

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