Colin Cowherd Is Still Angry About eSports On TV

When ESPN broadcast Heroes of the Storm earlier this year, ESPN anchor Colin Cowherd was seething. If eSports was ever broadcast on his employer's network, he said he'd quit.

Cowherd no longer works for ESPN. But that hasn't stopped him from being outraged about the growing association between professional gaming and traditional broadcast mediums, and he's only too happy to let the internet know.

The sports broadcaster isn't a stranger to controversy; some say he courts it. And when he took aim at ESPN, his current employer at the time, people were hardly surprised. SBNation said at the time that Cowherd made his career "by going after the lowest-hanging fruit".

Others pointed out that ESPN broadcasting Heroes of the Storm was no different from the network televising spelling bees and competitive eating tournaments. But nuance and respect for things that are different, at least in regards to eSports, aren't traits that Cowherd upholds a great deal.

His swipe at gaming — professional or otherwise — is just as simple, where he struggles to finish reading from the press release without laughing, before showcasing a clip of Guilty Gear Xrd from this year's Evolution fighting game championships.

Never mind that Guilty Gear wasn't the biggest game at EVO 2015 — or anywhere close to the biggest game in eSports at all. But then why tackle reality when you can cherry pick and nerd shame? But I digress. To borrow a phrase from Cowherd, let's roll the tape.

It's difficult to feel contempt for Cowherd when the faux play-by-play of an EVO champion supposedly going home to his parent's house kicks off. The man is a jock, epitomising the absolute worst of sport and the divisive kind of attitude that is already too pervasive in some gaming sectors.

But there is a positive to all of this: at least everyone can band together, point at Cowherd and collectively say, "We're better than this." As gaming as a sport becomes a more common activity around the world, more characters like Cowherd are going to come out of the woodwork spouting the kind of maniacal, rabid gibberish that Cowherd repeated on air.

Let's not be apologists: eSports has lots of problems to resolve before it gets to the stage of other sports. But appealing to simpletons like Cowherd isn't one of them.


    What a petty man.

      Even his co-host seemed disgusted by it.

      So, my question is if colin has played a real sport in his life? I'm a forward in rugby but am avid league of legends player(go clg). These type of rants are the reason colin is on fucking fox sports and not ESPN anymore. You can't call people subhuman because they don't fit in your ideal

    "His swipe at gaming — professional or otherwise — is just as simple, where he struggles to finish reading from the press release without laughing, before showcasing a clip of BlazBlue from this year’s Evolution fighting game championships."

    But it was Guilty Gear.

      That it was; I've made a correction. Thanks so much.

    I watch esports on twitch most weekends. But even I laughed at his play by play.

      Really? It was high school jock humour, and even then it was only C-grade. It was like scraping the bottom of the barrel like "Epic Movie" or any of those never-ending streams of terrible parody movies.

      I think the real indicator of his class (of lack thereof) was the smug self-satisfaction on his face while listening to it. You could just see the cogs turning and him thinking: "Man. I am HILARIOUS." No Colin, I'm afraid the biggest joke here is you.

        Most of it was laughing AT him. Still laughed none the less.

    This gives me the shits. He thinks watching people play a video game is stupid yet here they are watching a bunch of sweaty men tackle each other is tight pants while I have nothing against football (just the sport I am using as an example). How is watching Football any different.

    I actually saw a really funny picture on tumblr (lost the link). The first half was a guy watching a YouTuber play a game and the person really enjoying it with someone behind them saying something like "Why would anyone want to watch this, why not go play it yourself" Then the second half of the image was that same person turning around and sitting down and watching Football on TV.

    The problem with these people is that they don't understand it. It's like making me watching Basketball or Hockey. I will tell you it is complete trash and wonder why anyone would want to watch it.

    Get with the times yo, Esports is big.

    So essentially he's just shitty the nerds he's poked fun at his whole life are more relevant than he is. He can sit there and be all pissy and bitter about it, while the rest of the world embraces it. Have fun, champ. Enjoy your brosports.

      It could be that he's shity that ESports is the future and he has no place in it.

      I think it's just another case of a Dinosaur realising their is no place for him in the future and attempting to scare it away by roaring and thrashing about.

      Pretty happy about the reaction from the Cohost, especially because he is giggling and then looks at her and his smile slowly shrinks into a serious "oh no this isn't funny at all" face

      He was not aiming for a Laughing WITH you humor as he may delude himself to think, he is clearly trying to be hurtful with these jokes

      *Shrug* Its kinda the Jimmy Fallon thing all over again except I didn't know who this guy was at all

    In contrast to the article, I have no trouble feeling contempt for someone like Cowherd when the play-by-play of Spencer going home comes on. Yeah, we should definitely make fun of guys like Spencer. We shouldn't spend that time being outraged at "real sportsmen" who have done things like get involved in illegal dog-fighting, hardcore drugs and rape.

    Given the increasing attendance of eSports games both live and streamed, there seems to be a growing audience of people who do appreciate the skill required to beat one of these, even if it's not clearly obvious to newcomers. Cowherd comes across as a chest-beating, testosterone worshiping American college football jock, who has grown up into a bitter adult and is belittling something he doesn't understand.

    I dunno, with all the rampant drug issues, cheat issues and violence thats in every physical sport, i dont think esports need to clean up their image, infact id say it needs to increase its dirty-ness to be accepted as a true sports form like all the other ball sports

    Why do they call him Colin Cowherd?
    Because he's afraid of the vidya taking over his job.
    (My apologies to everyone with the surname Cowherd who doesn't afraid of anything and/or has heard "coward" jokes a billion times in their lifetime)

    The whole phenomena of watching others play sports or video games and I won't call these sports because you're playing fucking video games (you're not a sportsman you fucking idiot) - is absurd. Get out and do it yourself. It's like watching someone masturbating or having se....

    Okay I see what I did there...

    Carry on. You're all right - that guy's a fucking dickhead. I hope he gets ass cancer of the face.

      Sports are playing a game in a competitive setting.

      eSports are still sports.

      Chess is still a sport.

      You don't have to be running around getting all sweaty to play a sport.

    I game just as much as anyone here. You guys need to stop being so butthurt. This was really funny. We live in such a pc society its ridiculous. Where was this outrage when South Park made a WoW episode, literally making everyone who played an obese pimple ridden dirt ball? This dude plays a clip, a really funny clip, nerd or not, just laugh and move on. Nerds...

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