Community Review: Destiny: The Taken King

Community Review: Destiny: The Taken King
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Destiny: The Taken King has been out for about a week now and the reaction seems universally positive. How are you finding it so far?

Me? I haven’t had the chance to play it. I’ve been too busy playing all of the other massive, time-sink video games like Metal Gear Solid V and Mario Maker.

I need more time. Or the ability to make Shadow Clones like Naruto.

But from listening to my friends who play Destiny and nothing but Destiny: the levelling is fixed. The game is better. Everything is better. They are no longer playing Destiny because they hate themselves. Destiny is now a version of Groundhog Day that is actually super rewarding and good and brilliant.

Well, that’s nice.

But still, my problem, and I suspect Bungie’s problem in general, will be convincing lapsed players like me – people who gave up around level 17 or so – to hop onboard and play this game in a big way. At this stage, with so many other great games being released, Destiny is just so far down my list it’s unbelievable. Pro Evolution Soccer is probably above Destiny on my list at this point. I doubt I’ll ever get back to it.

Am I crazy? Should I play again?


  • Yeah, I gave up after vanilla Destiny. Game felt great, but rang a bit hollow… And now I have moved on. Sorry, Destiny.

    • Sorry slyph, more like.

      Nah, honestly I can understand that hollow feeling you might get. Hell I had it last night and I love the game. It really comes down to finding a group to play with and meeting up regularly to complete missions and acquire gear. They really can’t stress enough how important it is to play with friends in this game.

      • Couldn’t agree more. It’s the people that make it. But given my play time generally starts at 11pm at night, most of my mates that still play are long gone.

        That’s ok. Plenty of games around 🙂

        • My friend has a similar playing time, and he just made friends with Americans through LFG websites. He plays with them more than us now, the dog.

          • Hahaha isn’t that just the way? I totally enjoyed the water cooler moments with my mates from work…until they surpassed me. Guess that’s the issue with most online crews – gotta keep up, or risk losing a place in the pack. Same happened for me with Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2.

            But as someone below so kindly put it, this isn’t about me. It’s about The Taken King – BUNGIE, I BEAR YOU NO ILL WILL!

          • Yeah my girlfriend hates Destiny because of that “keep up or you get left behind” mentality and the fact that it can’t be paused. Lots of unanswered text messages.. The first couple of weeks for a new expansion are the most peer-pressurey. You don’t want to miss out on the first time your friends run the Raid, for example.

    • er this is a page for a community review of Taken King, not the community page for bitter EX Destiny players with a bone to pick.

  • More things to pew pew, more things to grindy grindy.

    And another raid to help you reach a new level of utterly pointless rage.

    That being said I love it and have barely put it down since the TTK came out, every mechanic that I had issue with has been reworked, the weapons nerf/patch has almost balanced the game out and there are still new things popping up and quests to be completed.

    If Oryx went and just threw himself in a Sun that would be really handy though.

  • Im the same, Destiny was fun at the beginning, but because of my weird work hours it was hard to find anyone in my circle of destiny players to do the co-op stuff with, Raids etc.
    I got to level 23 played some pvp, but the grind for gear was so unappealing I stopped.
    The game still sits next to my PS4 but I doubt I’ll go back, I bought the season pass for the original DLC’s but never installed them.
    Its a shame, the game was good. I really enjoyed it but I’m a little disheartened by the DLC approach the game has taken. Why can’t devs deliver a ‘full’ game first before DLC.
    I want a story line, start, middle and end. without having to fork out more cash..
    And don’t try to tell me that Destiny did have a story period. The universe was so interesting, so much potential. If it had a full storyline/campaign from the beginning they still could have used DLC to expand on the lore/universe with out having to dilute the game.

    • If you play through The Dark Below DLC and finish the Crota’s End raid. It’s the perfect starting point for The Taken King storywise. TTK campaign is a well put together story. It expands post campaign in building towards the King’s Fall raid.

      There is still a grind but it’s much less painful. I play with a group but we rarely snyc up for raids. Looking For Group websites are great to group up and meet new people.

      • I just wish there was an option to just opt in to a ‘matchmaking’ system,
        I don’t have much time to play games in general so I don’t want to have to use up that time trying to find a group to do the raids with.
        I just think that Destiny will fall further and further down the list as the end of year releases start rolling out.

  • I would love to try Destiny, but there seems to be a lot of emphasis on co-op, which I really struggle to find time for. I did play the alpha and towards the end of the alpha period, I did start to enjoy it. I think I will eventually pick it up, but for now MGSV has me hooked.

    • I’m the same as you, really want to try it out but doubt I’ll be able to get a group of people to play with solidly given time frames.

      It also feels like one of those games where if you miss a year or so, you’ve missed out on a lot. So there is that kind of crushing feeling of being left behind as new stuff comes out.

      • Add me on PSN (Fruitlewp) if you’d like – I work often but also struggle to find coop buddies. One of my friends at work plays a bit here and there too.

        I too came back after pretty much leaving the game on the shelf since launch, but levelling is pretty quick and since the greens/blues you get along the way are better than exotics from the prior expansion I feel it’s a somewhat fresh start for everyone; that and you get that instant level to 25 thingie (which I haven’t actually used but one day).

        • Oh I haven’t bought it yet. Still debating on the commitment to a Next Gen Console and as to which one to buy.

          Its a hard decision lol.

          • Haha…well I don’t want to start a console war. It really comes down to which exclusives tickle your fancy. Me personally, I have a PS4 and I love it.

          • Pretty much as Hoi Polloi said – the PS4 is really good for gaming, and has a nice library in terms of exclusives. Passive game recording and uploading services are just icing on the cake! And PSN is a lot better these days (PS Plus is worth the small investment). I hadn’t enjoyed a Playstation console quite this much since the PS2.

            If you decide to go that route, I strongly suggest The Last of Us and MGSV (obviously) 😛

          • I think I’m pretty much sold on buying the Destiny PS4 bundle, just might wait for a special or something.

  • there is nothing to hate but RNGesus. And I don;t even really hate him.
    Buy this game for $70 worth of Nathan Fillion being sassy.

  • I do love this expansion. I clocked well over 500 hours into vanilla destiny and I can see me logging a lot more into this helps that I have alone of friends to play with

    However one of these friends is a whore with no job and the kind of person you don’t want to share an mmo with because whilst we wait for friends to raid with he’s a whore and pugs it

  • Yeah, great fun: if it’s your sorta game.
    I don’t think anyone who stopped playing before vanilla End-game would be enticed back. It’s way better sure, but it’s still the same core game. And if that core game did not grab you originally…

    But for the rest of us, it’s s blast.

    • I actually stopped playing before vanilla end game and have, at least in the interim, been enticed back. I dropped my spark of light on a hunter for some additional Fillion sass, then after getting her to 40 and around 220 light I jumped back on my warlock to try out stormcaller and it hooked me. I am going through the old content now to fill any gaps in quest completion, just finished house of wolves, short skip away from finishing dark below then I’ll move on to post game taken king stuff.
      I can see bow hunters being incredibly useful in a group environment but solo the warlock kinda beats it for effectiveness.

      • Oh man, Stormcaller so fun.
        And yeah, the bow is pretty handy. That class pretty damn powerful in pvp too.

        • Just did the saber strike, hunter dropped an arrow on the last boss and through a full channel of lightning on it, it dropped to 10% health

  • It’s really quite a shock to see how different it is compared to the base game. Ultimately, if you jump on and just play the new content it’s awesome and a lot more fleshed out and fun although story wise it is a requirement to play through the dark below story as the big bad is related to what you do in the dark below raid. But there’s still such a chasm of difference between anything released before the taken king and the new stuff that it’s incredibly jarring to play through the vanilla campaign where there’s no actual plot development or even the two dlc’s released in year one where your ghost companion only has minimal lines compared to how chatty it is in the taken king.

    Long story short, the taken king is awesome and feels like what destiny was trying to be from the start … but if you were burned by destiny and are looking for a big sign to buy the dlc to get back into it, I’d give it a miss for now. Destiny’s still the shoot and loot psuedo mmo it was before and while the new additions are cool, it doesn’t take away from the steaming pile of garbage it has been since release

  • I bought Destiny when it was released and once I was over the initial hype-driven excitement, I never returned. I saw The Taken King as my way of giving Destiny one more shot. I’m really glad I did, because for the past 2 weeks, I have been playing nothing but Destiny. It’s an FPS with Diablo’s loot system. Every enemy you kill might mean a new piece of gear that is better than what you have. Story missions are now plentiful and fun to replay on harder difficulties. Strikes provide a solid challenge and good rewards. Arena battles, dailies and much more…for the $79 asking price you get a game that doesn’t really end, which you can play solo or with friends, PvP or PvE.

    As someone who was in the same boat as you Mark, where I gave up on Destiny, I strongly recommend you give it another go.

  • I was surprised by how much the taken king has to offer. Its a beast that’s changed a lot for its own good.

    That being said, matchmaking seems iffy now, to the point where I never play crucible (either empty matches, horrible ping or we get slaughtered) and a lot of the time in the strike playlist I get guys that just sit there AFK till the boss fight, or as soon as there is taken in the level they just leave. (one of my mates reckons the taken just cheat. They duplicate and teleport away from your bullets, he stopped playing)

    The other bad thing is that I personally feel like the old strikes were better (bar Shield Bros and The Dark Blade), I liked SABER the first time I did it, had a laugh at the big shank boss. But then the magic wore off. All the new strikes are long and most end with a bad boss. Bungie said they fixed the bullet sponges, but one of the new bosses is literally IMMUNE for most the fight.

    I’d play more destiny if the year 1 strikes were in the rotation, but as it stands, I cant keep playing the bad strikes over and over for loot that’s 40 points lower than mine, or play the old strikes on stupid easy with little reward.

    All in all, TTK was far better than I thought. Story was a little short though. But just like Vanilla Destiny, all my mates are now offline and I’ve finished everything new. Exept the raid. Cos I dont have enough friends online and the last time I did it with randoms they kicked me at Atheon and laughed like madmen for kicking the random. YAY, that Destiny playerbase.

    EDIT: I guess I should sum my points up. A 3 hour story, 4 new strikes and a multiplayer that I no longer play doesn’t seem like it was worth $70.

  • It’s good. It makes sense (the new story, the old story is still here there and everywhere). I’m still concerned however at the replayability of the game once you’ve finished the raid a few times, it’ll just end up becoming a hunt against the RNG to get all the exotics you can. I’ve also all but given up on PVP in the game. Lag is just about everywhere still. Australian servers haven’t done much to help that matter.

    New content needs to be more regular than every 3-4 months imo but while the game shifts where’s the incentive for Bungie to do that?

    • I feel like adding quests to the game has given them the ability to add in little bits of content as they go, or even weekly timed quests/objectives.

      Would be nice to see them utilize it!

      • Making use of the Vanguard questgivers and what have you would be good to send you out on hunting missions. I just think Bungie are in the mindset now of releasing a block of content in one go rather than trickling out content in the meantime. The Iron Banner doesn’t really do much for me but would love to see other weekly events pop up

    • Aussies Servers? The PVP runs off P2P the main reason we see so much lag. Bungie is meant to be addressing the match making in the near future to hopefully help this.

      • I thought they had Aussie servers when the game first came out? They just weren’t clear where they’re based so they could be Aussie servers but based in Singapore or somewhere. Either way, even with everyone on a green connection I see a lot more lag since TTK than the last few months. Should really be a given seeing as it’s just gotten a big boost to player numbers again, but for one of the biggest games in recent times you’d think they’d be on top of it

  • I got the game on release played about half the story then stopped as there was almost no story and the game just seemed hollow and empty. It was one of those games I always wanted to go back to but when each of the DLC came out everybody said they were rubbish. Just before taken king came out everyone was saying it was going to be so good then they released the big update that fixed the levelling system etc and I decided now was finally the time to give it another chance. I played the base game for a couple of days and found myself actually having a blast so got eb games to price match target then traded in my copy of the base game and have been loving it ever since.

  • I have 2000 hours clocked into Destiny, last night I cleared the raid with 5 players who had about 600 hours between them. That kind of says everything about where the game is at right now. Those of us who stuck at what was a very broken game have been rewarded with a whole new game, full of new people. I’ve played a lot of different MMOs over the years and this has really surprised me. Usually, games like this are in a perpetual state of decay, with new content lucky to maintain the status quo. I expected the Taken King expansion to bring a lot of lapsed players back but I didn’t anticipate how many people who’d held off playing the game at all would be drawn in.

    Mechanically, it’s fixed a lot of the issues that had grown out of a clumsily thrown together levelling system, the story is now serviceable, if still a little too reliant on out of game content to really grasp, and the balancing is now just about right for PvP. Oddly, it feels like PvP is the loser in terms of new content. The new game modes are good, but the game has been recalibrated to reduce emphasis on PvP from where it was in the House of Wolves expansion. This has massively changed the PvP culture in the game, from being really elitist to being a universally embraced daily activity. By unifying two of the games currencies into one across PvP and PvE activity, you get people playing at least one round of Crucible per day, where as before you might go weeks without bothering.

    Weapon re balancing is excellent, and the days of being penalised for not having a certain load out are now gone. A couple of the new sub-classes seem to be dominating matches to an extent but that could just be because they’re new, and people are grinding the experience into them.

    It would be interesting to read a review from someone who’d never played the game until this expansion. It’s hard for me to be objective about it because for players like me this expansion is one big, excellent bug fix that was a long time coming. But if you’d never played Destiny before I guess the experience would be a lot different, and a lot more positive.

  • I loved Destiny and smashed it when it first came out. I dulled and played the first DLC but by the second one was over the grinding and felt I’d been cheated as the DLC was poor.
    A few friends told me what TTK was shaping up like and I decided to give it a go and get back into it.
    I’m so glad I did, it is pretty solid so far. The leveling up system is much better, the patrol missions are stacked with goodies, there are secrets everywhere, voice acting from all characters is great and the co-op side is better than ever with a bonus Court of Oryx public event area on one map with tough bosses where everyone is encouraged to work together. Strangers become serious allies.

    New strikes added, much more variety in weapons (even some of the ‘loaner’ weapons you can field test have awesome sounds) and higher chance of receiving a piece of equipment you might need to boost that light level, rather than the old system of everyone having the same raid armour because you simply had to.

    The ability to infuse items to boost their level is great too, especially if you get a particularly great weapon or armour piece with a benefit that suits your playing style.

    Verdict is if you don’t like Destiny then don’t bother. This feels like what Destiny should have been and no doubt will get better as Bungie continue to acknowledge areas of concern and improve them. If you like the mechanics of Destiny but gave up then you definitely should get back on board. I’m glad I did and am loving it, it is such a solid co-op shooter.

  • I’m really enjoying it, although I’m hitting the end of the PvE questlines at the moment on my main character. I’m surprised how much I don’t miss my Fatebringer/Found Verdict/Gjallarhorn loadout (which I hardly deviated from, because it worked for just about everything) – I find I’m using all different types of weapons (except sidearms – still haven’t worked them out yet), but tend to deviate to Omolon for HC/Scouts/Snipers/FRs, and Hakke for Shotguns/Pulses/RLs. The new subclasses are amazing, although I’m still coming to grips with the nightstalker. I appreciate the support/CC utility, but I feel the Hunter’s new subclass is filling a missing role for the class, while the warlock and titan are pure power fantasy.

    As for the story… The initial campaign was pretty well done. The story was told pretty well, and Fillion finally gets to have fun with his role as Cayde-6. The initial campaign is maybe six hours long, I guess, and is paced such that starting at 34 will get you to about 40 by the end, and starting at 25 will get you to around the level for the basic strike playlist, which will accelerate you to 40 and get you gear for the heroic strikes and open up the second stage of the campaign – a slew of quests centred around the Taken War (a lot of which open up new story missions). Loot that drops is tailored to your level, so until you hit about 290 light, everything has the potential to be useful. I think I hit the end of the Taken War questing (well, aside from a couple of quests that require me to kill raid bosses) around Thursday last week (so maybe 8-10 days of solid focus on one character) and have been working on my alts since then.

    And the grind? It’s far more subdued (aside from one step in the quest chain for an exotic sword, which tasked me with farming spinmetal nodes for nearly two hours last night… they really need to up the drop rate of those zeptocyte cores – 5-10% is ridiculous). I’ve hit 298 light on my warlock as a result of following quests and decrypting the hundreds of blue items that inevitably fill up my postmaster (and a couple of 300+ items I received form the raid). Every exotic I’ve got thus far has either come from a Xur engram, dropped as a result of using the Three of Coins, bought using legendary marks from the blueprints, or has been the end result of a quest chain (the two nightfalls I’ve done thus far have given me 11 and 14 strange coins respectively :S). The new strikes are great fun (with the exception of Undying mind, who turns into a bullet sponge on the heroic difficulties), although whoever decided the heroic strikes are suitable for a matchmade team at 260 light is off their nut.

    Overall, TTK is miles ahead of anything in year one, and starting to show the promise of what (I think) everyone was expecting from all the pre-2014 hype.

    • I appreciate the support/CC utility, but I feel the Hunter’s new subclass is filling a missing role for the class, while the warlock and titan are pure power fantasy.

      Now you know how Defender Titans have always felt haha. Awesome to have one on your team, less awesome to be one on your team.

      • … I like being defender. Made me feel powerful knowing I could give something that would give everyone some breathing room in a frantic firefight, plus the helm of saint 14 is awesome

        • In my completely subjective and often maligned opinion, there is nothing worth not having flash grenades, not even my teammates lives haha. Giving up Armamentarium and double flash grenades was easily the hardest thing i’ve had to do in Destiny.

      • Really? When I used my titan pre-2.0, I always used the defender subclass, weapons or blessing, with the St-14 helm (admittedly, every time I try Striker, I end up suiciding against high tier mobs :P). I find giving your team a safe place in a maelstrom of enemy fire is pretty empowering – I love it. Not to mention it was ridiculously easy to turn a defender into an orb machine – use the right gloves and the right perks, and you can just keep fuelling your teammates’ supers while keeping the adds off them. I like that Sunbreaker adds a useful offensive super, tho, which I feel the Titan was missing.

    • While Sunbreakers and Stormcallers bring raw power. I think that Shadow Shot is the single most versitile and powerful new super. It is so great at stopping enemies in their tracks or with Blood Bound turned on destroy an entire group of enemies and spew orbs.

      • Definitely, not to mention the extra damage output it can add.

        When I first beat the WP with Piamp’s group, we used a WoL bubble, black hole shadow shot and a sunbreaker sunspot on the boss, and took him down in two bursts. Combining those made my shock-lock feel a little less amazing – my only role was taking out adds with my super to fuel those three.

        • I love charging around with force lightning at my fingertips. Party surrounded by adds? UNLIMITED POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEER and party is safe. Not to mention that combined with a nightstalker, it’s pretty damned lethal, especially if you upgrade the chain lightning. I feel like the Stormcaller super is the most team based offensive super. The Titan & Hunter supers are pretty self serving (Sunbreaker to a lesser extent though), but the Stormcaller can quickly clear out a large room with ease.

          Basically, I love being a sithlord and has renewed my love for my Warlock

          • There’s an amazing perk in the tree in the last node (Perpetual Charge, iirc) that refills your melee on grenade kill and refills your grenade on melee kill. A lot of fun to wreak havoc on a battlefield just alternating between the two.

            But, yea, that super obliterates groups of red bars. I kinda want to see six stormcallers going through the abyss, vaporinsing everything in their path 😛

          • I just finished my Stormcaller tree but have yet to properly put that perk into practice. I can imagine it on PVP though, grenade, melee, grenade, melee, grenade, melee…I just have to git gud at doing both now 😀

            I’ve noticed a couple of times doing Court of Oryx that people will pop their stormcaller at the same time. I think I had myself and 2 others do it yesterday, my screen was nothing but lightning and orbs for days

  • After the hundreds of hours I’d pumped into my 3 characters (one of each class)…as much as I enjoyed TKK, i’m not really expecting to take anymore than 1 toon to lvl 40/300light.

    The others will languish at lvl 34 forever.

    There is so much new content, yes, but most of it is rooted in pre-existing areas of the game.

  • Been playing from the Alpha and never stopped. I must say the Taken King is the game that Destiny needed to be from the start. I still had a blast over the last year (1000+ hours….) and made a good group of online buddies…
    Finally finished the latest Raid this week and it was a tonne of fun. The game really comes out with a group of pals/clan mates.
    I highly recommend it if you are thinking about trying it again… the price for the whole thing if you are a new player/Vanilla Destiny players is a bargin.
    My PSN on the the PS4 is LimeyBeats if anyone wants a hand doing anything.
    Trying to do the Tier 3 Baby Crota fight in the Court of Oryx… seems the randoms I find have never done the Crota fight from the Raid in the Dark Below and are not willing for me to advise them..

  • what i love about so many of these comments, they are not from current players but people STILL complaining about the original game. We get it you didnt like move on, build a bridge, no need to be STILL a year later babbling on about, especially on a page for a community review on the new game. HINT: if you havent got it, shut up.

    personally the game is far more dynamic now, evrything the original players like in it and more, main difference a lot of the stuff we hated has now changed and been improved on.

    not from feedback of the haters who stopped playing, but those capable of not being internet hate sheep and saw the diamond of a game hiding underneath all the bad things.

    • I’d probably agree with you if it wasn’t for the pricing.
      The people who are complaining are doing it because they felt let down by the original product. People saw Destiny, loved the concept, trusted the developer, could see all the potential in the basic mechanics and handed over full-retail for a game that was crippled by poor design choices.

      It’s all well and good if you still got addicted, played 100’s of hours, bought the expansions and are now getting TTK cheaper.

      For the rest of the people, a year later Destiny is rolling out an expansion that delivers the game that a large portion or the market wanted and paid for, but which is only available in a stand-alone, highly priced package that includes the original game anyway.

      That’s kinda shit, especially when the developers themselves have admitted that they got a lot wrong with the original product. If it was $30 for owners of the original game it’d be much less of an issue.

      • yeah but 1) a LOT of reviewers are saying how much content is in this game, like its the main thing people are happy about. i have bene playing nightly since it has come out and barely seen it all. 2) the stupid internet game hate sheep machine all think games should be free and basically unless something has a $5 tag on it they all go whaaaa whaaaa, or should I say baaaa baaaa.

        It IS $30 less for original game owners, and has been for months, gamers won that fight.

        I got 450 hours off my original purchase of collectors and DLC, just because people didnt like the original game that doesnt mean they have the right to bitch about it not being worth the money for everyone.

        seriously i hate gamers, its really simple: not all games are for everyone, if you dont like a game that doesnt mean its a bad game, that just means its not a game you like

        • “You don’t have the right to speak for me. I love Destiny.
          You don’t have a right to be critical of the game. You’re an internet hate sheep. Baaaaaa Baaaaaa sheep person!
          If you were more balanced and reasonable like me you’d like the game more.
          Did I mention that in the last year I spent the equivalently of 11 working weeks playing Destiny?
          It’s clearly not exploitative and is just great. You’d be able to see that if you spent less time hanging with your internet hate sheep club.”

          “It’s all well and good if you still got addicted, played 100’s of hours, bought the expansions and are now getting TTK cheaper”
          I’m pretty sure that covers you.

          Maybe go outside for a bit.

          • it took me a few times reading, but nope, still not sure if you were being sarcastic or didnt read the fact that I love the game and just over the haters *shrugs*

  • I certainly can’t speak for everyone who gave up on Destiny, but if they’re genuinely interested in luring back people who put the game down after finishing the vanilla content then they REALLY need to do something about that price.

    I have an interest in the type of game that Destiny should have been (that’s why I bought it in the first place), but I already paid full retail price for it…. It’s a big ask to expect people who felt let down once to pay again for the experience they wanted the first time.

    • your right all gamers should just get the game free, or maybe compromise, let them give it to everyone for $20 and make a lose. or they could have had it at $20 and not get the like of Nathan Fillion being all kinds of awesome.

      games cost money, talent costs money. $70 is barely seven lunches these days, if they are worried about the price they should ask mummy for more pocket money.

      the sheer amount of content in this is HUGE

  • I think the best way to look at Destiny now is that it is really a completely new game. For one, Dinklage is gone…. I would never have thought one voice actor could change the game so much, but it did for me. Secondly, it links the characters together properly, and they even talk to each other! Who would have thought that would work (that would be everyone)….
    There is so much to do now in PvE. In single player, I reckon the straight story and patrol side quests once you go past Oryx is a massive one person challenge. Strikes are great, and mates make it better, but there is a massive amount of stuff to do on your own or with randoms. The clan system works pretty well for meeting new players so if you put in the effort there are a world of possible friends….

  • I’m enjoying my time with it. The fact I get slightly better gear doing *anything* now is a bonus. Up to doing heroic strikes now. Woo.

  • Being playing since day one. Got it at the midnight release and played it for about an hour before I got off to go to bed. Pretty much the only game I played was destiny for a while but a after I finished the first dlc with my group a few times I had a break for a few months because of how much I had played over the prior few months. I got back into destiny a few weeks before the second dlc came out. Luckily my group was still there and we played the hell out of HoW. I wasn’t much of a fan of HoW. Because it lacked a raid it felt like something was missing from it and we stopped playing about 3 or 4 weeks after it came out. TTK has brought us all back though. We all are having the same great time we did back in vanilla and DB. All the new content is nice but we are just happy the raid is so good 🙂

  • Grabbed it day one, loved the changes they made, the fact it started to actually have a story, then came the end of the story missions, played through all the new strikes and then started to realise the issues, like engrams not dropping and rewards not being paid for Mars strikes, sure that’s just a bug.
    The hotfix comes out, patches out the three of coins loophole, but doesn’t fix the bugs, then destiny developer says in an interview they knew that the levelling system was broken before the launch of vanilla but put it in the we will fix it later basket… What the? You know it’s broken and wait a year to fix it? Couple this with the fact that they have taken content away from people who haven’t bought the taken King and that’s the straw…

    I am done with Destiny, and done with ActivisionBlizzard in general.

  • Just started playing Taken King and Destiny for the first time. If anyone wants to add me, go for it.

    Id: Bloodwrath_II

  • I disagree with what seems to be quite a few people here.

    Vanilla Destiny did ring hallow at first, there is no denying that. However The Taken King has fixed Destiny in my eyes. The mechanics that were good were expanded, they listened to their community and they have reinvented the light levels.

    The story has become much more expansive and engages the player more while the hidden bosses, adventures and quests will keep me coming back. Combine this with LFG sites if you dont have any solid player friends and your away.

    Destiny the Taken King is worth a replay and I for one love what they’ve done to reinvigorate the game and engage with the community. Albeit a large amount of time later.

  • After sinking a fair few hours into it now, I can say its fun and a massive improvement, but still not worth the price tag. Granted, I am loving it again, but I still feel dirty for paying what I did 🙁

    They’ve fixed a lot, ruined a bit, but as a whole seems to be finally what the game should have been from the get go. Still can’t get over the new ghost though, does my head in lol

  • $70 for DLC!
    $70 for DLC that costs $40 in the US?!
    $70 for DLC that if you don’t buy shuts down 50% of the game you did buy?!?

    Screw that noise, I’m voting with my dollars and skipping this one.

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