Community Review: Mad Max

Community Review: Mad Max

I know, Metal Gear Solid V came out last week, but that game is long and I feel like we all need a bit more time with it. Let’s talk about the other major release of last week, Mad Max.

Mad Max received mixed reviews. Not necessarily a bad thing. Often the most interesting games will receive mixed reviews; usually the kind of games you either love or hate.

And a lot of people seem to really love Mad Max. My social media feed tends to oscillate wildly between people who think it’s dull and uninspired to one friend who claimed it was the most fun he’d had with a AAA game in a couple of years.

So which is it? I’m not too sure. I haven’t had much time with it at all. My feeling is that it’s just too ‘video gamey’ for me to find it super interesting. By that I mean it’s all ‘upgrade your gear, customise your car’. That kind of thing tends to fall flat for me.

I still intend to play more of it but, for now, it’s all about Metal Gear Solid V for me.


  • I am enjoying it but I think it would work better as a game I played occasionally for a few hours and not mainlining it like I am. It is very “gamey” but still plenty of fun. Kind of like a Bgrade Van Damme movie. Awesome sunday arvo entertainment but will probably leaving you wanting something a bit deeper straight after.

    • That is how I feel about it, except I feel like everything needs to be slightly more insane and crazy. In the movie you see dudes on giant poles waving on the back of cars, dudes shredding guitars on the front of trucks etc, I want to see stuff like that! I wanna get a dude shredding a guitar on the front of my car!

  • I’m loving it. Definitely enjoying it as much as shadow of mordor. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a desert post apocalyptic game this much since rage 🙂

  • Tried it briefly. I didn’t love it, per se, but it’s pretty gosh darn good considering it’s a game based on a movie license.

  • I’m totally in the “love it” camp. For me, it’s Far Cry x Tomb Raider. Driving a V8 around a wasteland has never been this fun!

  • I’m having a great time with it… I was totally fatigued after the Witcher 3, its nice to have a game where you can pick it up and be having fun in the a few minutes… its not the deepest or smartest game I’ve played, but the driving combat is great

  • I’m really enjoying it. It’s like Fallout, Rage, FarCry, Red Faction and GTA had a baby.

  • Is fast becoming my GOTY. If I’m honest wasn’t blown away with it to begin with but it has hooked me good now. It has been a while since a game has hooked me enough that I set my alarm early this morning to have a jam before work.

  • Loving it so far, story is nothing amazing but I didn’t expect it to be. Solid combat, solid driving the game world is at times beautiful to look at, I’m finding myself saying I’ll just do this 1 last thing then 2 hours later I’m still going.

  • I’m loving it, but I also adore Fury Road so maybe that has an influence. Love the craftsmanship in the game, though. I was a bit turned off by some of the promotional stuff, but it’s actually very serviceable. Love the way you can crash through a lot of the environment like dirt/salt mounds and you can tell they’ve leveraged the explosion tech from JC3. Overall, definitely worth the $31 you can get it for on ozgameshop! (PC)

      • Keep an eye on it man, was sold out when I checked the day after reviews but when I was about to go out and buy it retail I checked again and it had been restocked! Can get it to set a email notification when restock.

        • Picked it up this morning for $25 from ozgameshop (Turns out I had $5 odd dollars worth of unused player points).

    • Yeah I saw it, went to get it then “sold out” went back the next day and it went from sold out to “last one left” so I nabbed it. Runs well on my PC too thank heck *glares at other WB releases*

  • I enjoyed the Penny Arcade review, which made me more favourably inclined towards picking the game up.

  • I was really hyped for this game because I enjoyed Shadow of Mordor immensely, but after reading the reviews felt quite deflated. So I’m glad to read more positive takes on the game

    • if you get it on PC for $31 or less (which is the going rate with all the key sites) you will find it was a steal. I say this based on the fact you liked Shadow of Mordor.

  • it is average, dull, lacks innovation, mediocre and things we have seen in lots of other games.. and i love it

  • I’m only a handful of hours in to the main quest, but so far I am having “GTA V” level fun with this game. I’ve heard that it gets quite repetitive after a while, but so far that isn’t a complaint that I can make.

    There are some strange buggy physics-engine anomalies that I’ve encountered (one that sporadically caused me to suddenly cartwheel uncontrollably off a cliff to my death) and a couple of animation tweening issues that could have used a few more hours of work – but this is just me nitpicking.

    A solid 4/5 from me based on my current progress within the game. Nothing innovative here, just a good solid fun filled experience with plenty of eye candy thrown in.

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