Community Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

11 Metal Gear Solid V. Since it’s such a massive video game — in scope, in ambition, everything — I thought I’d give you all an extra week to familiarise yourself with it. Now that a week has passed, it’s time for the Community Review.

Before I provide my take: a confession. I am something of a Metal Gear Solid fanboy. I fell in love with the series around Metal Gear Solid 2 and have studiously played every game since. I’m one of those weird people who have a soft spot for Metal Gear Solid 4.

Yes. Metal Gear Solid 4.

I realise my credibility has just taken a severe hit. I am okay with this.

That being said: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an incredible video game. It’s a game that strips out things I dislike about the series – self-indulgent dialogue, cut-scenes – and focuses primarily on what I do like about the series. Everything else.

The sneaking, the enemy AI, the tension, the ridiculous amount of detail placed into the most pointless and important things. The craft of it. The fact that Metal Gear Solid exists in it’s own strange little bubble and the normal rules of game design don’t apply.

All this and more applies to Metal Gear Solid V.

Best of all it’s as refined a version of the game as I can remember existing. The CQC, the combat, the sneaking, the movement: it’s never been better. And it exists in a world with new rules and new mechanics that all interplay perfectly with one another.

It truly caters to a number of incredibly divergent play styles. It really does. I honestly can’t wait to watch how other players approached the missions I approached. Me? I try my very best to play like an artiste. Sneaking, interrogating, putting them to sleep, using the Fulton selectively. But in my mind I’m looking forward to a second playthrough where I just try out the most bizarre ideas possible and wreck shit.

I could go on and on about this game, but I’m keen to hear your thoughts. How are you finding Metal Gear Solid V so far?


    I haven't played much of it, I'm like 3% , so my feedback may change over time, but I feel I'm in the minority with this one and am finding it a bit boring and repetitive. I never felt that impulse to get in to it over the weekend. Note: I just came from the Witcher 3 to this so I think I was spoilt by the amount of open world non-main quest activities in that game. There just feels like a lot of nothing in the game world so far. For those that have gotten to Africa, is that area more enjoyable then the Afghan desert? I'm also not a huge Metal Gear fan, last one I played was 2, never finished 4. Tho I was able to catchup on what was going on via the many wiki's and Youtube vids about the story. I'm actually interested in the story. I heard someone once say that Hideo is considered the Quinten Tarantino of video games, I think this rings true.

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    I'm hooked at the moment. I keep abandoning my Destiny friends to play this. They think I'm weird because they've never played MGS before. Ever. I know, right. Why even call them friends?

    I'm roughly 20% and 20-odd hours in. That may seem like I'm going horribly slowly, but I've actually replayed a few missions for S-Rank and just generally been exploring the countryside. I just finished the mission where you have to extract Emmerich.

    I have to partially agree with some of the guys on here and say that I miss the cutscenes. Not the overly long, stupidly self-indulgent ones. Just the cool ones. Am I also the only person who misses Codec conversations? I've played MGS game since MGS1, except for Peace Walker. While the story has always felt convoluted, I used to be able to follow it mostly. WIth MGSV, I can't process what's going on. I put it down to the fact that I've left the main story missions a lot and just done side ops and stuff. But the only story missions that make any sort of sense are the ones featuring Skullface, and even then I don't know what his motives are. Hopefully it'll become clear.

    But everything else about the game is amazing. The game just handles so well. The controls are smooth, the graphics are amazing. Motherbase is a little bit too fiddly, but it's ok. Overall, it's great.

    Absolutely loved it. Put in 100 hours to complete all the story aspects including the wandering soldier photo-related stuff. Only at 50%, didn't do many of the side ops and did none of the repeat challenge missions (you don't need to to see the true ending). Excited to get back to it once uni chills for a bit. Loved loved loved where the story went; you know a game is good when people either hate or love its ending, me being in the latter camp. My only issue is they really should've made mission 46 as mission 50 to not confuse people where the end of the game is. I know there's that cut mission but I feel like it was good enough closure on the bluray, a phantom episode leaving dat phantom pain, so meta. Also glad I don't have to fight Sahelanthropus again haha. And I don't know why people complaining about Quiet leaving, felt in line with the whole Phantom Pain thing now that I have sideops to do and she's not there. Also she was OP, good while she lasted but I'm excited at using me some D-Dog and D-Walker now.

    And yeah im still buzzing from it, I had the same kind of feels I had when I played the Goldeneye campaign for the first time, something so fresh and new. Never thought I'd feel this again. Gonna stick with me.

    I'm really liking it. Still early in the game, D dog is still a pup. That opening scene/ prologue was amazing. On a side note I'm actually one of those that think Metal Gear Solid 4 is my favourite! I actually liked the cut scenes

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