Deadpool Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One Late 2015

Deadpool Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One Late 2015

Briefly: Deadpool is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q4 2015. Developed by a bunch of people who once worked at High Moon Studios, Deadpool and all its DLC will make the jump to current-gen on November 17 for $US49.99.


  • It was fun and all, but I wouldn’t go through it again, boring repetitive gameplay encapsulated with a witty, fun storyline that was hilarious the first time but grating the second?

    And 50 bucks? Really? Dang. 29.95 guys. C’mon.

  • If you’ve already experienced it, it’s probably not worth it again. But if you haven’t, well, I’d definitely recommend giving it a look. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen/played.

    • On a scale from “It Wasn’t Funny” to “Borderlands 3 staring Steven Colbert and Ricky Gervais” where does this game sit?

      • Really depends on your tolerance for random humour and pop culture references. There is some legitimately funny stuff in there, but I’m very easy to please. For me, it’s almost as funny as Borderlands 2.

        Now that you’ve mentioned it, Borderlands 3 with Stephen Colbert and Rocky Gervais would be AWESOME.

  • Figures, there’s a Deadpool movie coming out… this is a good, cheap, way to get a licensed tie in game out there with little work.
    Also, expect this to have as little work put into it as the Prototype ports did.

    As for the price… Activision gonna Activision I guess.

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