Dear Lord, Persona 5 Looks Incredible

Dear Lord, Persona 5 Looks Incredible

You know what helps alleviate the pain of Persona 5's big delay? This ridiculous trailer, which features the characters A) climbing things; B) jumping into paintings; and C) playing baseball.

Looks like the characters will live in a big city this time around, where apparently they will go on stealth missions and run screaming from giant boulders. Have I mentioned that this game looks incredible?

Realistically, this fall is so packed full of games that this delay is probably for the better. But it still hurts. Guess we'll see the fifth Persona next summer.


    I still need to finish Persona 4! I love it, but I really only use the Vita when I'm travelling. Guess I should take a holiday or something :P

    I love that jason can't commit to saying Tokyo, and just commits to "a big city".

    What I gathered from the trailer:

    No more persona cards - seems to me that masks will be taking over the traditional cards of the last 2 games. You can tell on how cards of old game react the same as the masks in this trailer.

    Serious and goofy tones - taking note of the last game in the series, using a serious situation peppered with goofyness .

    Dungeon hub - it seems it will take parts of the Tartarus and TV hub. Having a building appear in the real world and multiple themed dungeons spanning from hub. So far the paintings have a mario 64 vibe going for it, which is nice.

    Weapons - seem to be gun centric. Could be that you only use guns of different types, or all characters can use all weapons of different categories.

    New character - a newly shown character. Nothing really else to note.

    I'm OK with the delay because there's too damn many cool games coming out in the next few months. Persona looks like it would monopolise my attention (and rightly so!)

    Is the Persona Q 3DS game any good?

      Yes, but be wary that it is a grind. I still haven't even finished the first Dungeon after 5+ hours.

    Great. Knowing Atlus, I wasn't really expecting an EU release this year but now we're most likely looking at a 2017 release. Especially since most sites are saying the 2016 Summer release date is for Japan/US.

      Nothing is stopping you (apart from the exchange rate) from importing the US version

    So we might actually see the game sometime in 2017?, given the long localization delays

    I'm going to cop shit for saying this... but that looks like PS2 graphics. The anime scenes look great, but anime has been like that since HD started. The game looks like the usual cheap PS2 era cell shading that I've come to expect from Atlas.

      Which looks good? Because I'm fine with cel graphics. It really fits games like these.

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