Destiny Player Wants To Watch The World Burn

Destiny Player Wants To Watch The World Burn

The new Sunbreaker class in Taken King is pretty powerful. But it's not normally this powerful.

Either this guy got lucky with the modifier, or Destiny simply pooped the bed and couldn't handle all that murder.

(via John Davison)


    Ah I remember watching before. It was in a compilation video call Highlight Reel made by Kota....ku...


    This is about a remake of something that happened in a week old reddit thread, still cool but.

      Yep, been posted on Reddit at least 4 times that I can think of since TTK came out.

    That's nothing. When you use your super as a Sunbreaker Titan, mash R1, L1, R2, L2 simultaneously as fast as you can. Enjoy it while it lasts, it's probably on the top of their "to patch" list.

    Suddenly I feel the need to use my Spark of Light on a titan...

    Haven't played a Titan or read into it's new subclass; just know it has a flaming hammer as it's super.
    What exactly is going on here? Is the flaming hammer just ricocheting of all the enemies and hitting them over and over again like a flaming hammer pin ball?

      There's a perk where every enemy killed by the hammer explodes. Something that can chain to other enemies. He got lucky with a spawn point sending out dozens of guys at once and the chain explosion never ended.

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