Destiny's Concept Art Is Just... Ungh.

Destiny's concept art is just...ungh. There's so much quality, and in such volume, that for fans of this kind of stuff it's easily one of the best games in recent years. For those fans: you can now buy $US280 "high end" prints of images done by Jesse van Dijk, Jaime Jones, Dorje Bellbrook, Ryan deMita, Kekai Kotaki and Joseph Cross.

Check them out here.


    The Fallen will continue to claw at the walls of our City unless we strike them down. Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we've located the House of Devils' Lair and the High Servitor feeding them their strength. We must destroy this machine god and send their souls screaming back to hell.

    Sigh. I have so many concept art wallpapers saved to my images folder.

    God I wanted to love that game. I really, really did.

      I love this game and in about a week you might want to give it a look — there are a LOT of people who feel the same I do.

        I highly doubt it. I prefer a narrative focus in most games, and that's really what I was hoping for in Destiny. An epic story of becoming legend.

        There is no 'legend' here. The only legends in Destiny are the 'potentially' deep characters only hinted at in the grimoire cards' tiny snippets of lore that one day hope to be vignettes when they grow up.

        I seriously doubt my disappointment will be eased by an expansion of the gear-grind treadmill with new PVP maps and some re-textured enemies, with maybe some new bounties or whatever these 'quests' are (I assume some kind of code for repeating the same scant handful of missions again, revisiting the same tertritory we've already explored to exhaustion).

        The shooting mechanics and art are gorgeous and probably always will be, but for anyone motivated by a well-told narrative, there's no more reason to play Destiny than there is to play TF2.

        I've never seen anyone 'patch in' a coherent story with a compelling narrative, character interaction and growth so that you actually care about the characters, or any real sense of raised stakes.
        The universe is in peril only when you're not kicking around a ball in the tower and trying to communicate with passersby through the expressive medium of interpretive dance, or waving and pointing.

        Destiny is by all accounts a great game... Just like TF2 or DOTA are great games. But they're not the kind of games I love. I wanted to love Destiny for the reasons they told me I would, before release... but it ended up being something different, for someone different.

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