Destiny’s New Missions Are Way Better Than The Old Ones

Destiny’s New Missions Are Way Better Than The Old Ones

I spent this morning powering through the first main story quest of Destiny: The Taken King, a video game about how cool Nathan Fillion is. I am happy to declare that everything about it is excellent.

We’ll have day-one impressions later tonight — and a full review much later, once we’ve played through the raid — but for now, here’s a brief look at one of the surprising ways in which Destiny‘s missions have changed.

SPOILER WARNING: Don’t scroll past Oryx if you don’t want to be spoiled on the content of one of The Taken King‘s surprising new missions.

Late into The Taken King‘s first quest, you have to go deep into Crota’s End. You’ve defeated Crota already, sure, but for Plot Reasons you have to go steal part of his essence.

And then… there’s a stealth mission! A stealth mission! In Destiny! Seriously! Watch this video I shot today to see a chunk of what that’s like:

Everything I’ve seen from The Taken King is fantastic so far. More to come.


  • The only problem is, like with Vanilla Destiny, I’ve already reached level 40 and finished the main TTK missions within a few hours of playing. Content still appears to be light, but I guess if you’re buying it for the first time there’s now enough to call a ‘full game’. As a lot of people have commented though, all the content up to and including TTK is what should have been in the vanilla game, but hey, in this day and age it’s the bean counters that make the decisions on what’s in a game and not the developing studio

    • I re-played the vanilla launch story arc through the new quest system.

      It actually chops out several levels, and the levels that are there are frequently truncated in places. It’s like they wanted to reduce the entire vanilla story arc into a couple hours.

      Edit: On reflection, I assume this was done so that the Destiny+TDB+HoW+TTK bundles they’ve been displaying so prominently at retail allow newcomers to get into TTK earlier than they would’ve if they’d been playing through the base game and each of its expansions as individually-satisfying, independent stories. Get the newbies playing with everyone else sooner, and all that. Quicker access to The New Hotness(tm).

      • well you can’t buy the base game (vanilla) from stores now unless its preowned, and even then you wouldn’t want to because vanilla destiny is now free as a trial online. If you buy Destiny: The Taken King from a retail store, you get vanilla and all 3 expansions for $100 at eb games, I’m guessing its the same as digital copies.

          • no you won’t have to buy those parts again, but any future DLC will be an additional cost. Just know that you will have a “day one” patch. 17gb because it updates a lot of the game and includes all the taken king content in it.

    • Ignore the big four-zero next to your name. It’s your light level that is the part you should focus on.

  • Playing this last night was an absolute blast. Straight up out of a green engram I get a Hawkmoon, albeit a year one version, but still a goddamn hawkmoon straight off the bat! I did not put it down for the rest of the night. BEWARE SPOILERS Really the only thing I’m not super happy about gameplay wise is the Oryx fight. Stupidly simple for a really hyped up boss, but then again he didn’t exactly die. BUT THAT HAMMER THOUGH!! And I love how each class had to go on their own mission to unlock their new supers. My gf plays as a hunter and when I set the destination to the Sunbreakers on Venus BAM! Some players don’t have access to this mission…so we parted ways for about 10-15 minutes and returned to the dreadnaught together with our new found powers. Very well crafted, and told perfectly.

  • Also got a Hawkmoon straight up – I believe it was a year 1 present though.

    Got m new shader/sparrow/emblem and went on my way with the new quests – jumping straight to level 38 then now on 39 was nice all the new gear looks great.

    My only gripe is that they really made players buy this expansion or miss out on so much (housemates feeling left behind stuck at 34 hehe)

    And this is well and truly how Destiny should of been from the start indeed – oh well we’re here now.

  • Really enjoying the taken king. I did what I normally did in mmo’s however. Hit level cap asap and not worry about the story l. More interested in gearing up so I can get raiding.

    Will go back for story on an alt character just like I used to do back in the wow days.

    That being said new class quests are a lot of fun

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