Dick Smith Is Selling The 500GB PS4 On eBay For Under $390

Dick Smith Is Selling The 500GB PS4 On eBay For Under $390

This is a pretty solid offering if you haven’t jumped on board yet.

If you don’t mind paying $9.95 for postage, waiting up to a fortnight and having your console shipped from Greenacre in New South Wales, then Dick Smith’s PS4 500GB offering might be for you.

It’s selling for $539 but if you use the CDICKSMITH30 code you’ll get 30% off, which brings the package down to a much more enticing $377.30, which jumps up to just under $390 once postage is included.

There’s no games with this bundle: you’re only getting the matte black console and controller by themselves. It’s worth noting that despite buying off eBay, you’ll still be getting the standard manufacturer’s warranty that Dick Smith would offer if you were to purchase it in store (although this way you don’t get hassled about whether you want that extended warranty nonsense).

Delivery is “express nationwide” across Australia, unless you happen to live in Christmas Island, the Cocos Islands, Norfolk Island or the Antarctic. You can’t order from Dick Smith. But then if you live in Antarctica you’re probably more worried about frostbite than Frostbite. (Sorry.)


      • I decided like last week if one of these deals came up I would pull the trigger. Been the same; have an Xbone and needed to justify it. I think Until Dawn has tipped the number of games over for me. And I really, really want to play Journey again…

    • Last of Us Remastered
      Until Dawn
      Drake Collection Remastered
      And, assuming you don’t own a beast PC, the best version of MGSV

    • 1080p brah!!!

      Honestly though, as someone in a similar position who was been eying off PS4’s for quite some time it mainly depends on how much you care about the performance increase for the multiplatform titles at this stage.

      The big games that you don’t have are probably only Bloodborne and The Last of Us HD (depending on if you have a PS3).

      At the moment I’ve got too many Xbone games in my pile of shame to worry too much about the PS4 and I’m not so concerned about the performance difference that I’d rather be managing two consoles, accounts, sets of controllers ect.

      There’s a price cut rumoured for Christmas as well as the new Uncharted to give the PS another exclusive. I’m going to wait until then.

      • Thanks guys – appreciate the feedback. Bloodborne is the one I’d be buying it for, but with another Souls just around the corner AND Fallout hitting in about a month, I can’t see $400 worth of value difference just yet …

        No one mentioned No Man’s Sky?

        • I’d actually forgotten about that 😛

          And I guess at this point nobody knows if it’ll actually be any good or not yet. Does it even have a release date yet?

          • No it doesn’t and this is bloody annoying me! They keep showing it off and doing press but refusing to announce a release date. I’m really hoping they are just going to stealth release one day as a surprise 🙂

    • What others recommended is great, but The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is probably something that you should consider too. The Uncharted collection alone, however, is really worth checking out.

      • I’m still waiting for that to come down in price a little, but definitely on my list. Same story with stuff like Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Galak-Z, N++ etc.

    • Bloodborne
      Until Dawn
      Uncharted 4 (early next year)
      I’ll just bundle all the remasters under a single item, but if you missed them on PS3 (and even if you didn’t miss them) then they are essential on PS4: The Last of Us, Uncharted collection, Journey, God of War 3.

      EDIT: Oh! I forgot DriveClub! I can’t speak for what kind of a mess it was in at launch since I didn’t buy it then, but right now it’s a really good racing game.

  • Dammit!!! I popped on a PS4 yesterday through Target’s Ebay store, used the PayPal 15% discount. So now the question is, do I buy this one as well, then return the Target one for my money back?

    If they had in-store pickup I’d be all over this like a rash, but waiting 2 weeks when I’ve got next week off isn’t a great selling point.

    • I did the same! I’m going to leave it for a few reasons. My Target PS4 will arrive tomorrow or Thursday as opposed to next week if I ordered the Dick Smith one, and I can sell the Star Wars Infinity game and accessories. Even if I only sell that for something like $30, I’m pretty much even or maybe even ahead compared to the Dick Smith sale.

      • Sell online or trade-in ? My friends are all grabbing the Lego Dimensions stuff, so I wish I could do a straight swap 🙁

        • Not sure yet. I might ask around for the trade-in price but I don’t know if JB/EB accept the Infinity character things or just the game itself?

    • I bought mine from Dicksmith Ebay last year and got it in 4 days (in the ACT). The 2 weeks is to cover their butt.

  • Nobody’s confirmed yet whether this is the newer CUH-1200 model or a previous model (not that it matters to most people) but the Target deal is confirmed CUH-1200.

    Just for those interested.

  • Dick Smith did a similar thing earlier in the year and that’s when I picked up my PS4, for about the same price. It’s a good deal.

  • Also worth noting the g29 and g920 logitech wheels are 399 plus 15 postage so 295 delivered after discount is an absolute steal if you’re looking to upgrade your wheel for next Gen! I thought 399 delivered was good from logitech shop now im angry. Haha.

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