Fine Art: Disney Infinity’s Toys Are Just The Best


I’ve said this before, but if they were a few bucks cheaper I think Disney Infinity’s toys are so cool that they’d be viable purchases as, well, just toys, the game be damned.

So it’s a pleasure on Fine Art today to highlight the work of Ian Jacobs, Senior Character Artist at Disney Interactive Studios. He’s been both a character artist and toy sculptor on all three of Disney Infinity’s releases, meaning he’s one of the main people to thank for how cute and stylish these things are.

You can see more of Ian’s work at his ArtStation page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


  • but if they were a few bucks cheaper I think Disney Infinity’s toys are so cool that they’d be viable purchases

    Shop around. I’ve rarely, if ever, paid above 14-15 dollars for a figure. Target has them on sale regularly.

    • Isn’t Target’s standard price $15? On a side note I only paid above that for the one figure I could not find anywhere.

      Directed to the article.

      I can’t bring myself to call them toys, they don’t do anything they just sit there, at least toy cars could roll. Figurines yes, statue’s sure but not toys, they really don’t have any play value outside the games they are in. Are they Collectable, sure but should kids really worry about collecting them all? At least with Pokémon you only need to know somebody with the other version to get them all. (I’m aware there are other barriers to that in the newer games).

      As a kid I attempted to Collect Monsters in my Pocket, I remember even back than refusing to call them toys.

      And don’t try and bring up blocks, they are sold in packages with lots in them in a variety of shapes (yes I’m talking about the wooden ones not Lego) unless as a kid you where given a single wooden block as a toy. And even than I would have turned it into a die.

  • I’ve got all of the current released ones, great to collect.

    I’ve got some doubles and my kids enjoy playing with them as toys.

  • I don’t own Infinity or a console, but am very tempted to buy all the new Star Wars ones. They’re cheaper than Pop Vinyls and look way better.

  • Im loving 3.0

    But I absolutely hate the bs with acquiring Boba Fett or the Luke + Leia + playset (the latter which, as far as I am aware, only comes in a console bundle).
    I just wanna unlock some god damn Tie Fighters, bombers and interceptors WITHOUT buying a third PS4 >8-(

  • Heads up! Original trilogy Play set comes out seperately Oct 6th/8t bundled with Luke & Leah for around $30 so hold out a couple more weeks

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