Dota 2 Has Officially Been Reborn

Dota 2 has officially been reborn. Starting now, you'll only be able to play Valve's popular MOBA in its revamped form, complete with the sexy new game client. The game is also adding a new achievement system called "Dota Levels,".

You can read about the new Dota Levels system here.


    Cant wait :)
    Looking forward to in game UI changes aswell! i really hope they let you customize the size of the UI

    Hopefully this doesn't cause the servers to shit themselves like they have been in the old client

    Hmmm While the trophies sound nice and i am glad they have officially released reborn, i noticed (for me at least) i can't run it at max settings in reborn and even with some settings turned down it doesn't seem to run very well.

    Maybe it's because it was in beta, then again my laptop is getting older now so it could be that.

      Reborn is on the Source 2 engine, so I assume the max settings for it push machines a lot harder than the Source 1 client did. One of the supposed features (I honestly haven't seen proof one way or the other) is that Reborn should perform better at low settings than the old client.

        Yeah i tried a bunch of different settings, on average it simply looked and performed worse for my laptop... though it is a couple of years old and it seemed to run and look okay on medium settings at a decent resolution :/

    Despite being forced as the main client now, Reborn is still laggy and buggy in some parts. While I accept that this is the correct decision to polish the clients and not split the player base, it's still annoying.

    Hopefully this means that it'll take less than 20min to find a ranked match in Reborn.

      That's the most annoying thing I've found with the Reborn beta.

        I kept getting thrown into matches with the same idiots in the main client last week. They weren't bad enough to report but were annoying enough to mute and try to avoid. I'd try jumping into the Reborn client to get into a separate queue from them, give up after 20min of searching for a game and then end up in another match with the same idiots.

        It has been a frustrating week of Dota for me and my MMR is tanking.

        EDIT: To be clear, it was playing on tilt that made my MMR tank, although those idiots definitely do much to help.

        Last edited 10/09/15 11:40 am

          I always find switching into non-ranked games is very therapeutic. If the game is pissing me off, I switch to unranked and play techies for a few games... even if I get stomped on, I very rarely don't have fun with techies.

          Just out of curiosity, what's your MMR?

            Non ranked games tend to be a clusterfuck where I end up as the only support or there's a bloody Techies picker (seriously, how do you have fun with that hero?).

            MMR is currently about 2800, which is at a bit of a low point.

            My new tactic to get out of tilt is to play Rubick. Making the big plays with someone else's spells is always fun.

              I'd argue that Techies is the most satisfying hero, in that you really need to think. Sure, it doesn't take the same mechanical skill as other heroes (at least until you start making plays with Force Staff), but to make an impact you really need to be able to read the game.

              I mean... what other hero can simultaneously deny their jungle, protect your own jungle, prevent pushes AND pressure lanes....

              And yeah, obviously I am also an asshole. That helps too.

                No other hero can do those things because what Techies does best is turn Dota games into something that is distinctly not Dota.

                Supports are completely stopped from functioning because they have to spend all of their gold on sentries, while getting no reward for demining.

                Worst of all, on defense, Techies really drags the game out. I was in a 90 minute game the other day where the enemy team, which was so incredibly ahead that it's not funny, would not take rax for over 30 minutes because they knew our Techies (who had been otherwise useless all game) had mined up our high ground.

                There's a difference between having to adjust your play style to accommodate the enemy line-up and having to adjust what game you're playing.

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