Dungeon RPG Glitch Erases Panties

Dungeon RPG Glitch Erases Panties

There's a bug (apparently!) in PS Vita exclusive Moero Crystal that is rendering characters without their underpants.

Warning: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

The suggestive, tongue-in-cheek game, which features anime girls, came out in Japan last Friday. It's a real game from a real developer — even if this is a game about searching for a sacred bra and one in which characters can equip special underwear. You can see where this is going.

According to Yahoo! News Japan, players across the country have been experiencing the panty-less bug, which is apparently spawned during the clothes changing screen. It's only a matter of time before it's patched.

Dungeon RPG Glitch Erases Panties

Some might call this is programming error, while others could call it a feature.

Dungeon RPG Glitch Erases Panties

But! Come on. Out of all the possible bugs, this one seems a little too fortuitous, arousing the suspicions, among other things, of commenters on popular Japanese bulletin board, 2ch.

Nothing hinky about all this. Nope.


    This was already patched out 22 hours ago. C'mon guys, don't be slowpokes.

    Just confirms my suspicion that anime girls do not have reproductive organs.

      Not in the anime that I've see... I mean, whoosh, look over there, a distraction!

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