EA Has Announced A Huge Delay For Need For Speed On PC

EA Has Announced A Huge Delay For Need For Speed On PC

EA has announced a huge delay for Need For Speed on PC, with the game moving from November 3 until Autumn 2016. Why? Making sure players can unlock the frame rate and “increase the visuals that we can deliver on PC.” Seems the response to Arkham Knight has made some publishers skittish!


  • Can we just stop talking in seasons and start talking in quarters? Seasons are useless for anything global.

    • I agree, but quarters can lead to confusion too since there’s calendar and fiscal quarters, then if fiscal, there’s US style (Q1=October), Australian style (Q1=July) or others depending on the country. I’ve noticed different game companies use different types of quarter with no explanation which they mean, you just have to guess.

      • Isn’t US-style fiscal January start and I think UK is April start? I work for a US-based company and their fiscal start is January..

        • US companies can choose to start their fiscal year at any point in the year. They’re not all synchronised like in Australia.

        • US government is October, but as @jamesh said companies can choose when to start their year. In practice, a lot of companies align with the government fiscal year so business and personal taxes line up but it’s certainly not universal.

        • UK is indeed April to March (I used to work for a UK subsidiary – it’s was like having two EOY periods every year

  • I’m not really surprised. As long as the port actually has features that warrant the delay I’m okay with it. There’s waaaaay too many games launching before Christmas anyways.

    • Still a huge delay no matter how it’s sliced. I think even the GTA5 PC delays added up to less than this.

    • As Patrick is writing the article it would be US Spring, unless someone is changing that stuff before it shows up on the AU feed.

  • It takes that long to unlock the frame rate and go back to the original textures and shrink them slightly less??
    Either its suggesting something about the console versions visually, or they did a half-ass job for the PC version and decided to avoid the AK backlash (which in itself suggests that publishers have only learnt to not release a poor platform version along with the better ones, as opposed to, you know, better development all around?)

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