Eitr, As Experienced By Dark Souls Fans

I've been really interested in Eitr for a while, and a few people have been lucky enough to get their hands on it, but I don't trust just anyone's impressions. I want someone who knows combat systems. Dark Souls wiki website Fextralife? Sure, I'm interested in what they think.

Part of the reason Eitr piqued my interest is the obvious Souls influence. And of course, the great art and soundtrack. I mean, just check out this trailer:

But the evasion move, oppressive atmosphere, and combat are undeniably a nod to Souls.

So when Fextralife got their hands on it, I was pretty keen to see what their perspective was. They're one half of the Dark Souls 2 duo of websites that fans heavily rely on. It's Fextralife and Wikidot, and the direction they'll be approaching Eitr from is quite similar to the one I will be.

From the first moment when they pick up the controller in their interview/preview, they're focusing on what I want to hear:

The first area is an introduction. We run, and sidestep. We attack, and learn we have a strong attack that can be charged. We kill a few enemies as we learn our dance...   ...There is a shield and sword approach, but the player can also choose to dual wield. It is possible to attack while dashing – and R1 will kick away the shield of a blocking enemy. It occurs that a player can effectively spec up as a Souls style, or take a more Bloodborne path. We opt for Bloodborne, dual wield, and zoom about the screen killing all in our path.

It looks like the developer didn't exactly just sit back and watch them play, and was full of suggestions, but that's okay when you want someone to experience something special in a short demo. They get up to the first boss and get it down to 68%. Encouraging signs. Even death in Eitr has a Soulsy twist to it, while still being original.

Read the full interview here.


    Oh my... This game is on PC. I was so sure that this would be a console exclusive. Time to fish out ye olde credit card.

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