ESPN Is Officially Diving Into eSports

ESPN Is Officially Diving Into eSports

Briefly: The most powerful brand in sports journalism is officially diving into eSports. Today ESPN put out a job listing for an “eSports editor”. This comes after the ESPN magazine published its first ever eSports issue, which included an excellent profile of the League of Legends player Faker.


  • As much as i’m happy to see the rise of esports, I think that all sports broadcasters should spend more time on womens sports.
    ESPN might already do this I don’t know as I don’t have Foxtel.
    Hopefully thier new esports editor is a woman or if it’s a man highlights women in esports.

  • I think they need to make sure to select someone (or someones) who actually have an interest in and follow some sort of esport. Previous forays into reporting esports on espn have resulted in some pretty unprofessional jibes at the scene, especially for something that so successfully baked a new pie for a new viewership, something that is incredibly hard to do in business. I don’t doubt that it can work well, but the veteran espn folk from what I have seen will need to open their minds a touch.

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