Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone (Including Australian Pricing)

Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone (Including Australian Pricing)

Almost like clockwork, Apple announced the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus in the early hours of this morning. How much does it cost in Australia? A lot. But you saw that one coming, didn’t you?

You can check out more info at the links below, but the gist: same old phone, same old design. Better camera, better chip-set. You are going to be cracking out over $1000, even for the base model. You can pre-order from the September 12 and the phone goes on-sale September 25.

The iPhone 6s
• 16GB: $1079
• 64GB: $1299
• 128GB: $1379

The iPhone 6s Plus
• 16GB: $1299
• 64GB: $1379
• 128GB: $1529

Brutal pricing.

More Info

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Head to Gizmodo for their in-depth coverage of all things Apple.


  • Brutal is the word. When I was in uni people were buying and selling second-hand cars at those prices.

  • They’re still selling 16GB versions of this premium phone?? I would have thought they’d finally have gotten rid of the 16 and made the 32 the base model. Same old Apple.

    • Maybe they assume that with a new music streaming service and the existing cloud photo backup service you won’t actually require that much space?

      It also lets them advertise the phone as “from $1079”, rather than $1.3k as the base price.

    • For some 16GB is all they need/require. Personally i’m one of those people. Since I have a separate device for music and am not a heavy app user. But I also think Apple should’ve kept the 32GB model and ditched the 16GB one instead.

      • Yeh, don’t get me wrong. I think there are people who can use such a small storage,however the price difference for manufacturing 16 and 32 is peanuts and is ridiculous that they are sticking with it to save a handful of said peanuts. After the os is installed, and system storage reserved,there’s really only around 11 to 12 gig left of usable space.

    • I dunno my iPhone 4 is finally starting to show its age & really feel it when I use it 😛 Then again for a launch model I think it’s held out rather well considering.

  • Man, what a joke. Seriously. I’m all for choosing the platform you know and love, if you love iOS go for it. Hell, I didn’t even like the Galaxy S5 much as it didnt feel like an upgrade from the 4, but this is just, ergh. I had to sit through a radio segment on the way to Uni this morning and heard them say “We’ve changed everything!” then the presenter said “Yep. The Camera. Just the camera realistically. That’s all you’ll really notice.” and the dude was a major apple fan.

    C’mon Apple, you should be aspiring to be better than this…

    • Why would they change? They know their stalwart fans will pay these ridiculous prices to get the latest iDevice so they might as well milk them dry.

      Let’s be honest, Apple products are always overpriced for what they are, everything from Macbooks to iPhones to various peripherals, and this is just the latest iteration of that and nobody should really be surprised. You’re not paying for the product, you’re paying for that picture of a half eaten fruit on the back of it.

      Having said that, these prices are insane. Even I was surprised at them putting a $1500 price tag on a phone.

      • Can’t argue a single thing there (not that I want to). It’s offensive how expensive smartphones have gotten. The Galaxy S6 is my last ‘big budget’ phone for me. Since I’ve seen cheaper smartphones coming out that do the exact same things and have abilities ultra-close to what my one does now, I’m seeing less and less reason to go for these high end moneywasters.

        • I’ve seen the 32GB S6 for about $700, almost half the price of the 16GB iPhone 6S+. The 64GB models tend to be upwards of $800 though and the S6 edge models push up towards $1000.

          But you’re right, there are better, cheaper alternatives out there. Take the Nexus line, for example.

    • I dunno, new processor, camera, new touch sensor thingy, also the 6S’ shell is a different alloy compound, as a result it is much stronger than the 6’s shell. Would I upgrade if I had an iPhone 6? No. Honestly i’d only bother if my contract was expiring around the time and it was time to renew & get a new phone.

      Back to the shell strength, Unbox Therapy did a video a few weeks back when they apparently got their hands on the shell of a 6S, and decided to do a bend test, the 6 was able to take 30 pounds of downward force before it failed & the 6S allegedly is able to take 80 pounds of force before it failed. But it didn’t fail as badly as the shell of the iPhone 6 did, so that’s nice.

        • Yeah it’s something at least. Now if everyone wasn’t so hell bent on having the thinnest phone ever we might also get bigger batteries with in theory multiple day life.

          • lol tell me about it. Dads Nokia (the ones they make houses out of lol) lasts probably 2 weeks per charge… my S6? Around 18 hours lol

          • Yep. My mum & dad have some simple Samsung flip phones dad gets probably 3 or 4 days out of his and that’s with a battery that desperately needs replacing, mums lasts a week or 10 days. How I wish I could just get 2 days out of a smart phone battery heh.

            Saying that It’s even worse if you’re someone who is a heavy phone user. Tech reviewer Linus from LinusTechTips he’s lucky to get 8 hours out of the S6 and S6 Edge which he pointed out heavily in his recent reviews, and the S6 active I think he almost or did get a full day out of it, but its pretty sad when he keeps referring back to the Droid Turbo which shits over the current flagships in terms of battery life.

          • Tell me about it. And with the latest gen of Galaxies, theyre enclosed metal cases that cant use removable batteries. Gah!

          • Well, if you turn off all the features that a smartphone has and a flip phone hasn’t and don’t use it for anything other than phone calls, you can get a couple of days out of a smartphone. I’ve tried it 🙂

  • I’m quite loyal to the iPhone (full disclosure, previously worked for Apple), and a lot of it is familiarity, and the goddamn amount of money I’ve sunk into apps. But, it does what I need it to and I’m happy with it. My contract’s up, so I’m excited for a new shiny.

  • And i just bought a Xiaomi for $279 and it pretty much does exactly what I want it to – make calls, use whatsapp/we chat, facebook, linked in and google maps

    I am not sure what else I am supposed to be doing with a ‘phone’ so $1K seems a little excessive to me

  • Didnt they increase prices last year under the premise of the dollar being stronger against the american dollar (and even by the time they announced it wasnt that strong anymore)?

    They’re gonna readjust prices what with the dollar being so weak right?

    … Right?

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