Expand Is Smart, Beautiful And Australian

And it finally has a release date — September 30. Next week!

I've been going on about Expand since playing it at PAX Australia in 2014. I was genuinely blown away by this innovative, minimalist experience and I genuinely hope it reaches an audience that appreciates it.

The above release trailer gives you a decent idea of what to expect, but the magic of this game is in the presentation. It just seamlessly moves from level to level, theme to theme, mechanic to mechanic is such a delicate, organic way. Expand is about as simple as a video game can be but it's also impeccably crafted. 'Elegant'. That's a good word. Yes, Expand is extremely elegant.

You should totally play it.

It comes out on Steam September 30.


    Smart, beautiful and Australian. Just like my Tinder profile.

    Isn't this much like that other game where your a character trying to jump past puzzles towards the middle? did they make that also?

    I played this at PAX AUS last year. It's very serene - the sound track is beautiful. Was often pleasantly amazed at the new tricks that they pulled. Looking forward to it

    Just watching the trailer, it reminds me of Super Hexagon and Thomas Was Alone.
    Looks really interesting, I think I'll be checking it out.
    Thanks for the heads up Mark.

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