Fallout 4, Reimagined As An Isometric Game

Fallout 4, Reimagined As An Isometric Game

Fallout 1 & 2 were isometric games. Fallout 4 is not. But because the first two were a big inspiration for Stasis developer and artist Chris Bischoff, and because Stasis is also an isometric game, he's gone and imagined Fallout 4 as one too.

That fluttering sound you hear is millions of people's hearts wishing this was an actual game.

Fallout 4, Reimagined As An Isometric Game

[via texhnolyze @ NeoGAF]


    The fluttering sound is actually just my heart going into arrhythmia - this is awesome.

    I would play the SHIT out of that
    That fluttering sound you hear is millions ... of dollars being thrown at PC screens

    Yeah an Isometric Fallout game would be awesome, especially with smooth crisp graphics.
    Maybe make a standalone Tactics one?

      I thought tactics was fantastic. :)

        Yeah dude ! Tactics was great, naysayers be damned. Loved cruising around in the hummer

    They could make it a free iPhone game!

    Only $7 for 5 stimpacks, or 10 for $10.
    For $2 you can disable rolls below 50% for an hour.
    For $20 you can by the enhanced edition, which removes the ads after every battle.


    And that just bumped Stasis a few places up my wishlist

      Its pretty damned cool, a bit tricky to wrap your head around a few of the puzzles sometimes and the voice acting leaves something to be desired in parts but it's definitely a great game

    As an original Fallout player, this game would make me crack a fat SO FAST!

    Its why games like Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity are so good! Because they are a dead breed of game that is slowly being resurrected. TBS (Turn Based Strategy) from an isometric view offers so much more then a FPS, Yes, a FPS gets you in the eyes of the protagonist. BUT, ISO TBS are telling a story, as if you where reading a book where you are watching your character and guiding them, like if you where God. Its imo, the best way to portray games like PoE, the Baldur's Gate series, Fallout, etc. When they changed the format of Fallout, I was not to happy with how it panned out, of course I am happy that they made a fallout 3 and are continuing the series, but I wish they went with ISO, instead of Bethesda's trade mark Elder Scrolls First person mode.

      FO3+ are definitely not as immersive, realistic and challenging as 1&2 x

    This looks supremely more awesome than any Fallout content Bethesda's produced so far.

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