Fallout 4's Dog Is A Very Good Dog

Honestly, if your video game doesn't have a dog. What's even the point?

I'm only playing video games with dogs now.

But as good as Dogmeat is going to be, I don't know if he's gonna be cooler than D-Dog. Seriously, D-Dog saves my ass on a daily basis in Metal Gear Solid V.

Anyway, this video is super good. Mainly because it shows you how Bethesda worked with an actual real life Alsatian to get Dogmeat's movements just right. I love the way it jumps between the game and real life. Dogmeat is pretty cool.


    Can the dog and myself wear matching hats?

    We would both have Top Hats :)

    I have always found Bethesda animation to be a bit janky. While this looks like a solid improvement since skyrim all this running around with DDog makes Dogmeat look like a robot to me.

    Yeah! Until Nathan Drake gets a dog, I'm not playing Uncharted 4.

    Oh, who am I kidding. Anyway, it's made by Naughty Dog. Close enough.

    I recently decided to do a new playthrough of Fallout New Vegas and during this I managed to gain Rex - a cybernetic dog companion who makes dealing with those pains in the arse known as Caesar's Legion Assassins so much easier.

    I will make a point to pick them up as the first companion for future playthroughs

    And horses. Got to have horses. Horses and dogs or I'm just not interested.

      Sadly I think horses are extinct in the Fallout universe...there's horribly mutated two-headed cows though?

      What? You too good to tame and ride a deathclaw, Rowan? Huh? :p

    "I still don't know what shot we should use to cap off this Dogmeat trailer?"
    See's close up shot of actual dogs butt-hole.

    YES EXCEPTIONS!! A: No little bitchy, yappy lap mutts-- they're not real dogs! (Get a cat if you want something small!). And B: The dog can't die, because fuck you, that's why!

    In all seriousness, if my dog, or horse, or whatever my familiar is, dies, I have to reload. I can continue on without my little virtual buddy.

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