Fallout 4's New Theme Song Sounds Fancy On A Grand Piano

Inon Zur has an awesome name. He's also an award-winning composer. An award-winning composer who also happens to working on the Fallout 4 soundtrack.

Listen to him play Fallout 4's latest theme song on his big-ass piano. It sounds pretty good.

Zur has been doing the music for Fallout since Fallout: Tactics, and he's been doing a pretty good job of it. Along with this video, Bethesda has put together a pretty cool profile on Zur and his work up until this point. You should check it out.


    It's uncannily reminiscent of the theme from Princess Mononoke at some points. Pretty much an identical chord progression between 0:56 and 1:10 when compared to PM main theme.

    Inon is a true living legend. Glad he puts a lot of his creativity into quality video games.

    I think pretty much any song sounds fancy on a piano :P

    What's the difference between this and the Fallout 3/New Vegas theme?

    Wow! Shivers down my spine and all that. I'd give anything to be able to play the piano with such passion.

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