Fallout Monopoly Is Coming

Fallout Monopoly Is Coming

Continuing its quest to destroy all of your free time this Christmas, Bethesda announced Fallout Monopoly this morning. Although details are scant, we can already imagine what will be in there.

Bottle cap bankers? SPECIAL cards? Monopolies in the Commonwealth? Pip-Boy pieces? FALLOUT FOR EVERYONE.

Bethesda says it's coming in November — just in time for Fallout 4.


    Only worth it if it actually does come with bottle caps in place of bank notes.


      Fan made?

    At least when someone gets fed up and flips the board it'll fit the setting...

    It's still monopoly and I want to stay married and on speaking terms with my family.

    Monopoly: it destroys lives. Don't. Do. It.

    It's only available in the USA and Canada?!?!
    Really hope that changes!

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