Famous YouTubers Teach Jimmy Kimmel A Lesson

Famous YouTubers Teach Jimmy Kimmel A Lesson

The last time Jimmy Kimmel commented on the YouTube Gaming controversy, he said that he’d give Let’s Plays a chance. And so it was that tonight, some of the biggest YouTubers around joined Kimmel in a segment about watching other people play video games.

“I come in peace,” Kimmel — who was wearing a Power Glove, for some reason — said at the start of the bit. “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but everyone wants to kill me,” Kimmel said, referencing the enormous and unfair backlash he received after expressing that he didn’t get why people want to watch other people play video games.

“Not everyone,” Markiplier responded. “I’m pretty sure mostly, people just want you to understand.”

Kimmel, Markiplier, and YouTuber Jonna Mae sat down and joked around about the ridiculous death threats people have sent the late-night host, and you can watch that here — the quality is not great, though, so I’ll write some of what happened below.

Kimmel explained that of course he made fun of the YouTube phenomenon — the entire point of his show is comedy, after all.

“I laughed at it, but I would say I was a little bit insulted, because I do understand the work and the effort that people put into doing something like this,” Mae responded.

Markiplier went on to say that the spirits of Let’s Plays was like sharing something with a friend, and remarked that he was very touched by all the fans he has met because of YouTube.

They then pulled out an Oculus Rift, and watched Mae’s parents go on a digital roller coaster ride. Amused at the freak out that ensued in the video, Kimmel said that he approved of anything that screws with parents.

“I love watching other people have fun, and I think that’s what a lot of people get out of [it],” Markiplier said.

Eventually, they decided to straight up make a Let’s Play themselves, in the hopes of helping Kimmel understand what the situation is all about. They picked Rocket League and had a blast, even though Kimmel had a bit of trouble controlling the cars:

“I feel like I’m at the teacups at Disneyland,” Kimmel said, before Markiplier ribbed him over not getting a single point in the match.

“I feel like this was educational,” Kimmel said.

“Will you tell the people not to kill me?,” he asked. “No,” both Markiplier and Mae joked — it was all good.

They then hugged it out, and the segment ended — but not before Kimmel made a joke about how the YouTubers should maybe get out more.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome segment. Nobody got heated and they just talked it out like adults. How long until Kimmel gets his own Twitch channel like Conan, do you think?


  • Is it weird to anyone else that gamers need a special reconciliation effort from Kimmel himself for making fun of gamers? Jebus, guys – he’s a comedian. Don’t take it personally.

    • OK, then.

      *Reaches into a bag.*

      I’ll give you what you ask for.

      *Reaches deeper into bag…………………and pulls out DVDs of the ‘Blood‘ anime.*

  • He’s a comedian. They make jokes.
    They make fun of a whole range of topics. It’s sad that you’ll find most gamers talking about how political correctness has gone mad , but as soon as their precious hobby is made fun of – they lose their minds.
    I think I’ve watched plenty of Starcraft matches and a few hots and lol matches. The segment was funny.
    If you were offended by his skit , try not to be such a pussy

    • I was quite surprised how much backlash this got. Saw the video, i play games, i watch people play games and i didn’t see anything wrong with the video, actually laughed. So when i saw 80,000 thumbs down on the video and the comments towards Jimmy, my jaw dropped.

    • I guess it was. Simply because gamers took it way too seriously…Actually, not gamers.
      I meant people who watch Let’s Play videos took it way too seriously.

        • Lol, I will neither deny nor confirm that statement.
          But hey taking it to the extreme. If someone is an avid LP watcher, knows all about many of the games but never actually plays games themselves, are they still considered a gamer? Or just some sort of “Game Academic”

  • They then hugged it out, and the segment ended — but not before Kimmel made a joke about how the YouTubers should maybe get out more.
    And it’s jokes like that which piss gamers off. For years Geeks/Nerds/Gamers have tried to stamp out the anti-social stereotype as it no longer applies to the culture as a whole. We attend conventions, gather for LAN sessions, chat at local game stores and comic shops. Geeks/Nerds/Gamers are not the basement dwelling adult-children that still live with their parents that the world made them out to be. Kimmel, while trying to be “funny” (To be honest, the guy hasn’t been funny since The Man Show, and even back then it was a stretch), he still couldn’t resist getting one last shot in.

    • You see how you got offended at something not directed at you personally? That’s EXACTLY what’s wrong with all these people acting like muppets. There ARE people who figuratively live in their mum’s basements and carry on like wankers on the internet and that’s who this is directed at.

  • Someone should confront the people who attacked him about some shit they don’t care about and force them to learn a lesson about their misconceptions.

    Won’t that be important.

  • never heard of either of them and after watching them and a few of their other videos I have to say they are both thoroughly uninteresting.

    PS what were they trying to teach him anyway? Their time would have been better off spent learning how to have a sense of humour.

    Like a story elsewhere said “comedian pays out of gamers, they give him the punch line”

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