Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Is Free Today

For the next day, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is totally free on Steam. Just add it to your account and it's yours forever. The platforming adventure classic is grim, endearing, and above all else, odd. It's a must-play, even if you were born after the year 1997.


    Have been playing the remastered version on Xbox lately, such a classic game, used to love it when I was a kid.... also remember hating it a lot too lol some of those levels were bloody tough! lol

      Is the remake substantially different?

      I don't really have the time or patience for the original's trial-and-error gameplay, but I'd love to revisit the story and atmosphere.

        It's a LOT more forgiving. You can absorb some damage from guns etc without the insta-death of the original, and better controls / animations make it feel more precise.
        On the whole, I'd say you'll enjoy your revisit to Rupture Farms.

          There's a mode to make it insta-death if you're into that

          Absorb damage? I just an hour ago and died instantly to guns...

        Definitely seems more forgiving. Plus they've updated all the graphics, so it looks a lot nicer too :)

    ewww i wanted to share this but the link shows an angry birds picture >< sorry friends

    @denaz :) so true the remastered version is a masterpiece the new additions to the game make it sooooo much better :)

    lol this comment system has been broken for me for so long i cant edit or upvote but the link has been fixed now haha

    Born after 97? Please you would only be..... 18?!

    *breaks down sobbing*

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