Free iOS Game You Should Try: Sage Solitaire

My go-to mobile game for time-filling fun used to be Drop 7. Then it was Threes. These days it’s Sage Solitaire, a new riff on solitaire from the ever-interesting developer Zach Gage. I’m making pairs, straights and flushes, often while listening to a podcast. I’m hooked!

The game’s default mode is free, and it’s fun enough. If you pay $5 you can access a two-deck mode and a “Fifteens” mode, both of which I show in the video above.

If you have an iOS device, give this game a shot. Gage says he’s working on an Android version next but doesn’t know when it will be ready. Sounds like it will be a matter of weeks.


  • Can we all agree that if a phone game can’t be played while listening to music or podcasts that it’s no good as a phone game?

  • While I have you here, can you be more detailed about this issue? I’ve been getting scattered reports of people saying that Sage doesn’t work with music/podcasts, but none in a format where I could actually reach out and investigate.

    The problem is, Sage does work with music/podcasts. At least it’s set to, and it works just fine on all of my devices.

    Could you provide more details? Are you sure it’s not working right?
    Thanks so much

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