Gaiman Fans, This Humble Bundle Is For You

Gaiman Fans, This Humble Bundle Is For You

Neil Gaiman fans, rejoice. The Humble Bundle Store has a books section, and right now that section is focusing on exceptionally rare pieces from the prolific author.

The writer behind The Sandman, Stardust and many more celebrated works will not be selling said celebrated works in this particular sale. Instead, this particular sale focuses on the lesser known stuff. So whether you’re a Gaiman hipster or just liked enough of his other stuff to try out more, this is the sale for you.

I must confess my Gaiman knowledge is not deep enough to know whether or not Gods & Tulips or Being An Account of the Life and Death of the Emperor Heliogabolous are actually any good. But this is perhaps a questions that one of your friends, a Gaiman faithful, would love to answer. They’ve been training their whole life for this moment. Clear a few hours.

Being a Humble Bundle, you can pay what you want, and if you go over a certain threshold you’ll get extra content. The above mentioned titles are at the bottom level, along with three other books. It looks like they’re throwing in some non-Gaiman books as well.

In addition to the usual stuff, expect essays, poems, lyrics speeches, blog posts, and bite-sized comics. All digital and DRM-free, of course. According to Humble Bundle: “These books are available in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats as well as CBZs for comics, meaning you can read them anywhere at anytime.”

Check out the full sale here.


  • Don’t forget the most important inclusion: Gaiman’s first book, a biography of Duran Duran.

    I’ve picked this up and haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet. My expectation is that they’ll probably be not quite as good as his normal short story collections, although that’s still quite good.

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