Genei Ibun Roku X FE Has A Release Date

Genei Ibun Roku X FE, that Shin Megami Tensei meets Fire Emblem Wii U game, has a release date. It will be out in Japan on December 26. No word yet about the game's international release date.

Above is a trailer with no English. Enjoy!

More here.


    I thought it was going to be SMT x fire emblem, not PERSONA IDOL SIMULATOR x FIRE EMBLEM. :(

      Mannn why you gots to keep hating on Persona.
      But I agree, I wanted the SMT aspect to be more noticeable.

        Cos I don't like cliche anime characters/tropes.
        This doesnt look like SMT at all, it really just looks like Cliche anime tropes x Fire Emblem.

          I wouldn't name the Persona series as a leading example of cliche anime tropes. I think the fans have molded the P4 franchise towards that way but vanilla P4 on PS2 was all against it. (Plz stop saying mean stuff about things I like ;_;)

            It kind of is though. Sure its a step up from the weird moe garbage, but even though the story has a more serious overtone, the tropes are over the top 100% cliche anime kinda like danganropa, mirrai Nikki and steins gate. It's just annoying here because I thought we were getting a real smt game x fire emblem, not persona or drvil surviror or whatever weird idol shit that's in the video lol.

    Waiting for the localization now.

    Last edited 12/09/15 9:25 pm

    Can't wait for this game.
    That & the next Fire Emblem game in English.

    I get that this is a fan service game to both series', but these trailers aren't showing off a lot of strength of either series. Hoping for more gameplay trailers.

    Last edited 12/09/15 11:17 pm

    So is it a turn based RPG or a strategy RPG? That's what I'm most confused about. Otherwise, this looks awesome.

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