Get These Highly Collectible Amiibo Facts Before They're Gone

Get These Highly Collectible Amiibo Facts Before They're Gone

Did you know hardcore Amiibo collectors would sell their own family members if it meant getting their hands on a hard-to-find figure? That's definitely not one of the fun facts presented in Did You Know Gaming's latest.

Is Nintendo driving toy sales with games or driving game sales with toys? For better or worse, Amiibo are now an integral part of Nintendo's business, the release of the most recent wave just as important to company and fans as the latest big Wii U title, Super Mario Maker.

The colourful plastic figurines attract such hardcore fans that it's hard to imagine anything in Did You Know Gaming's video will take them by surprise.

For those of you that would rather read your trivia, here are some core facts presented in the video.

  • Nintendo had the chance to be part of the Skylander franchise before it exploded in popularity, but they backed out of the deal.

  • Over 15 million Amiibo have been sold to date, and Nintendo now owns more of the toys for video games market than Skylanders.

  • Target's stock of Gold Mario Amiibos sold out in just 15 minutes.

  • A truck carrying Splatoon's special edition was stolen in the UK. Ths edition came with the Squid Amiibo, and was the only way to get the Squid figurine in Europe.

  • Executive producer of Disney Infinity, John Vignocchi, criticised Nintendo over Amiibo stock shortages, saying "It is irresponsible, and rude to your hardcore fans."

  • The Amiibo logo uses the font Bauhaus 93 - the same font used in the title screens for Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, and the New Super Mario Bros series.

  • Prototype Amiibo have been smuggled out of production lines and put on sale at auction sites. One model was a then-unannounced Mii Sword Fighter Amiibo.

  • Nintendo might be making an arwing Amiibo that can transform into a two-legged walking arwing Amiibo.

  • While making Majora's Mask 3DS, Nintendo wanted to make Skull Kid Amiibo to go with the game.

I am not an Amiibo collector myself, which is odd considering I collect just about everything else under the sun. I think it's because I've been spoiled by games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders, where the toys become actual playable characters in a game designed for them rather than functioning as glorified DLC codes.

I own two Amiibo — the Squid Kids from Splatoon — and outside of Yarn Yoshi I have no plans to acquire any others.

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    "Target’s stock of Gold Mario Amiibos sold out in just 15 minutes."

    We sure about this? I walked into my local Target 3 days after they were launched and picked one up.

      US Target, not AU Target.

        It specifically says Target Australia

          Oh, does it? I never watch the actual videos in these.

          wait, what? I just read the list, wow if they're talking about Target Australia, then they're very wrong.

            They may be referring to the online sales... but that's still inaccurate. They allowed sales earlier than advertised on the site so at 0801 they were sold out (the one i had in my online basket was even removed as i was checking out).

    I think it’s because I’ve been spoiled by games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders, where the toys become actual playable characters in a game designed for them rather than functioning as glorified DLC codes.This is why I'm fine with the Smash series ones, but pretty much hate/don't care about all the rest. The Yoshi and Mario Maker ones got lucky since the bundles were just five bucks more than the game without, for that little difference I'm not as fussed.

      Indeed, with mention that the Shovel Knight amiibo unlocks multiplayer? Ergh. Screw that.

        But you also get a cool little Shovel Knight Figurine.

          Indeed, it's a cool looking amiibo, it just has links to some terrible dlc practices unfortunately.

        It also unlocks a leveling up system in the 3DS version too.

          So it just gets worse. Ffs. I mean it's a cool little figurine but locking away rather large bits of the game like that is dodgy.

            Why? The game is out, has been for ages, got great reviews and is considered "complete". There's a whole DLC campaign coming out for free as well. In this particular instance, I see the Wii U multiplayer / levelling system as paid DLC that also comes with a cool plastic figure.
            I do agree it's getting into dangerous territory locking features behind amiibo and may be setting a precedent that would set the stage for some terrible practices. But in Shovel Knight's case, I think it's not too bad.

              The main issue there, is that an amiibo does not install the actual information, it's 'disc locked' content still. If you're locking the content away behind a paywall, that only a few can access due to limited numbers, you're shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. While not illegal to do, it's disingenuous towards your consumers who say, bought Shovelknight and supported you from the ground up. To only give out that sort of thing to people who buy the amiibo, eh, you can do it, it's just not very ethical.

                It's hardly disc locked content when it comes via an update. It's no different than stages and fighters in Smash Bros.

                  Your fighters and stages aren't locked via an amiibo in SSB and everyone can purchase them from the Wii U store for a minor price of about 7 dollars without restriction, it is completely different sorry. When the DLC is downloaded and there, but only unlocked via a 'code' (in this case a 'physical code' of the shovelknight amiibo) it is 'disc locked', if just *slightly* different, but not much.

                  Last edited 14/09/15 11:21 am

                  @weresmurf Ugh, reply chain is too deep.
                  And just for the record, I'm not here trying to change your mind on anything, just attempting to understand your point of view. Just in case you get the wrong idea about me putting up a fight or anything...
                  My impression was that the Smash Bros fighters, etc count under your definition of disc locked because they can't even be purchased without first updating; the update containing the data for the fighters so the DLC is downloaded and there. Then the act of purchasing from the store uses a 'code' to unlock the DLC automatically. That being said, I'm only familiar with the 3DS version, so maybe it works differently on Wii U.

                  Nitpick-y definitions aside, am I to understand your main gripe with locking content behind an Amiibo is more an issue of availability? As in, if they run out of stock of the Amiibo then you can't obtain the 'DLC'. That point of view I understand, and probably even agree with.

                  @death_au Pretty much it. If you want to release the dlc then release it but tying it to the purchase of a limited amiibo is shady. I'm not saying make it free (noone has the right to demand that), I'm just saying that hamstringing access to it this way is disingenuous.

    Great article and video! Loved it and love Amiibo! There is a spelling mistake in the first sentence though...

    I don't know if I've just been lucky but I've had no issues getting any amiibo I've wanted - including the silver and gold mario ones. If u r smart, preorder or go to shops u know won't have a lot of traffic through them, it's fine.

    I enjoy getting them for some of my favourite characters and all the Zelda and main Mario line ones. No intention on getting them all though.

    Something and their something are soon something

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