Good Pokémon GO Joke, Square Enix Montreal

Here's a cheeky tweet from the makers of Lara Croft GO, a very good mobile game and successor to Hitman GO. Those games both come from Square Enix Montreal and now share a suffix with the upcoming and completely unrelated mobile game Pokémon GO from Niantic, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo.

The Square folks don't seem upset, judging by the cute what-if image they made above.

I had some fun with that earlier too, tweeting:

My joke about future Nintendo games adopting suffixes from Square Enix games got some clever responses/suggestions from folks on Twitter, including:

I guess there's a chance for slight brand confusion between the games, but I don't see any of them changing their names. And Square Enix Montreal seems cool with it. They replied to that tweet I made with this: "It's all good. Don't worry!"


    Personally I think "Pokemon: Global Offensive" is the buzzword here.

    SE : Notice me senpai.

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