Great Shot GTA V Truck, That Was One In A Million

Great Shot GTA V Truck, That Was One In A Million

Blacksmoke Billy, the world's foremost expert in GTA truck madness, returns with a series of C4+trailer stunts that just boggle the mind.

Doing this once, OK, you can call it a fluke and thank console makers for including gameplay capture. But doing it a bunch of times? I shudder to think at the amount of practice it took.


    Ahhh so he is using mods, makes a bit more sense now. Watching the rest of his clips there also seems like there is a whole lot of luck and repetition involved too. Still, very cool clips

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    Done with mods. So why would anybody care?

      I guess it depends what mods he is using. If there's anything that changes the physics or makes it easier to perform the stunts, then sure.. it's not really worth caring but if all the mods do is allow him to throw a C4 in front of his moving vehicle, to allow the setup, then I think it is still very cool.

        The mods I could see were bigger explosions on the C4, as well as something that makes the truck go from zero to a hundred in a second (for his stunt jump vids). So still cool, but no where near as cool as I'd originally thought when I read the article first. Does make you wonder if he's using any other mods though

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