GTA 5 Video Recreates Fallout 4, Comes With VATS And Power Armour

One user couldn't withstand the hype, so they took the only reasonable course of action for a PC gamer: they modded the game they want more than anything else into the game they're currently playing more than anything else.

Fallout 4 and GTA 5. Let's do this.

"The hype of Fallout 4 was getting to me," YouTuber Mitch L wrote, "so I decided to put together something." The end result is a glorious blend of Fallout 4's into GTA 5, featuring a Power Armour mod from and Mitch's take on Bethesda's VATS system.

And yes, there is a dog.

Even the font is pretty on point, although the animations seem a fraction janky. It also won't be made available as a downloadable mod, unfortunately.

But if you're in the same boat and the Fallout 4 hype is getting too much, then there is good news: the creator has announced his intention to create future mashups, potentially involving a Paladin or an NCR ranger.


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