GTA V Players Find Cool New Bigfoot Secret

GTA V Players Find Cool New Bigfoot Secret

The legend of Sasquatch just got hella trippier thanks to an awesome recent discovery made by the GTA community.

About a week ago, a curious GTA V update dropped. Some players noticed something fishy about a new achievement titled “Cryptozoologist.” It was all in the flavour text: “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?” This led some of the community to believe that maybe, just maybe, Rockstar had hidden something within GTA once more.

Things escalated from there. Some players noted that there were audio files that seemed to point to Big Foot. And today, a r/Chiliadmystery member rkRusty had a breakthrough: they found a new Peyote plant that, once digested, could transform the player into Sasquatch — thus allowing the player to have a drug-addled adventure as Big Foot.

It was not happenstance. The player had dug into the GTA files and found the coordinates for every existing Peyote plant, and in doing so, discovered that there were actually a few unknown and unaccounted Peyote plants listed in said files. They also noted that there was a segment in the code that would only trigger if the weather type was set to foggy.

So rkRusty put two and two together, forced the game to become foggy, and then proceeded to these exact coordinates: -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862:

GTA V Players Find Cool New Bigfoot Secret

Voila. At that exact point, they found a completely new peyote plant.

GTA V Players Find Cool New Bigfoot Secret

You can watch the transformation into the mythical creature/video evidence of this discovery thanks to footage provided by 2H2K below:

Pretty amazing, huh?

GTA V Players Find Cool New Bigfoot Secret

It’s not entirely clear what the specific conditions for triggering this are. rkRusty notes that they had 100% completion, and had gone to the site on a Tuesday at 8am while the weather was foggy. rkRusty claims it will only work from the 7:30-8am range on a Tuesday while it’s foggy, but a different player who also provided image evidence within that same thread says they found it while it was snowing on a Tuesday within the same time frame. The first player to provide footage online of this phenomenon says they found it at 8am on a Tuesday while SMOGGY outside, and that they also had 100% completion. I tried going to the spot myself, but kept getting killed by a random cougar every time it neared 7am, so I can’t really confirm/deny the weather or completion rate specifications. Your mileage may vary if you decide to hunt the Peyote down. Just remember: there is a cheat code you can use to immediately change the weather while searching for this. Otherwise, your search may be crapshoot.

The question is…will the other new Peyote coordinates eventually turn something new up, too? I leave it up to you, vigilant GTA players.


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