Guy Cries Tears Of Joy After Beating Mario Maker's 'Hardest' Level

Guy Cries Tears of Joy After Beating Mario Maker's

Thousands of people have tried this gruelling Mario Maker level. Only six people have actually beaten it thus far — and they had to go through hell to do it.

Here's what that feels like:

This video, uploaded by 広樹 あああ, shows what happened after a Japanese broadcaster beat the infamous "Pit of Panga: P-Break" course, a level that is commonly thought of as the hardest Mario Maker currently in circulation. This player is definitely not the first to beat P-Break, but damn if he's not one of the most inspiring players to have this honour.

The second Mario gets to that smiley face at around 1:07, the player can't help but let out a scream: that's it. He's made it. The hardest part is behind him, and now all he has to do is hit the axe at the end. And when he finally does? He can't help but go "YATAAAAAAA!!!," an exclamation in Japanese that more or less translates to "I DID IT!" The guy eventually bursts into tears, tapping into the raw emotion that comes with beating a level like this. Incredible.


    He's crying because he's finally realised all the time he spent on trying to beat this one level, once he did, his life didn't change at all...

    Well, that songs going to be stuck in my head for a while.

    Humans are overrated, let's just write a macro to finish this stage :)

    Yeah I could'nt get past the first shell toss bounce manouvre. Bugger that level.

    I've made a level that currently has a 0% clear rate. Sure, there have only been 31 attempts, I still think it's impressive. If anybody wants to try it, it's called Super Ponks Bakery Bros. U and the code is 894B-0000-0073-147F

    Ugh warning to anyone who watches that video, he makes disgusting noises the whole way through. Turn the sound off...

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