Hack Makes PlayStation TV Remotely Useful

Hack Makes PlayStation TV Remotely Useful

PlayStation TV: good idea, poor execution. Mostly because there were a ton of great Vita games that the little box wouldn't support. But hey, where Sony came up short, users are getting the job done.

While Sony had a reason to exclude a bunch of Vita games from PSTV support — traditional controllers couldn't replicate things like touch input — a fan of those games (and tinkering in general) Mr. Gas didn't care, so he came up with a quick and painless way to get games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss running on the streaming box...accessory...thing.

All you need to do is change some settings then send yourself an email. Easy. The full instructions (via Tiny Cartridge) are here.


    Actually it's not just games with touch or gyro control that are not usable. In JPN and US there are a lot more games on their whitelist, same games here are not usable as Sony EU can't be assed paying for the distribution rights.

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