Halo 5 Is About Human Drama, But Also Explosions

343 has just released a mini-doc of Halo 5's story. They seem super keen to get across the drama of the story. This is a simple story about simple people. Emotions. Stuff like that.

But also explosions.

I continue to be super excited for Halo 5: Guardians, but I can't even remember what's going on in the story. I've always been that slack-jawed buffoon that sort of shoots things and gapes at the spectacle of it all.

I don't think that's necessarily my fault. Outside of the first Halo, I believe the series has been pretty terrible at explaining its increasingly labyrinth-like plotting. Halo 4 was no exception. The single player campaign was great, but the exposition. Dear God. Not only was it painful but it was confusing.

Still, it looks super good. I will be playing the hell out of this video game.


    Newsflash ... Bungie are great at developing detailed convoluted stories, really really terrible at telling them, so just blow shit up... cough..destiny...cough

      I actually thought that the story of Halo in the actual Bungie-produced games came across really well, alongside the action sequences and big set pieces. ODST was a bit of an experiment and in that and Reach you could see the seeds of Destiny beginning to sprout.

      Destiny has been a bit of a flop storywise to date, but I think there will be a long-term payoff. The lore is all there.

      Halo 4 completely lost the plot for me. I didn't know or care what was going on, and that sits squarely with 343i.

        Because Bungie knew that exposition of who the Forerunners were would diminish their mystique. They left them in as a secret to let the players imagination control the lore.

        ...then 343i came along and destroyed it.

        Maybe if some of the better parts of the story were in the game, Destiny would be less of a let down. The whole Grimoire system is stupid. Considering how much time I spend in Orbit or loading screens, that would have been a great time to scan through that story content.

        No, they want me to log into my PC. Once I turn it on, thoughts of Destiny are quickly forgotten.

      This is being made by 343i, not Bungie. And the terrible story decisions so far in Destiny is the fault of Activision stepping in late in the development process and changing things

      I still get nightmares of some of the dialogue in Halo 3. Especially Miranda.

      "Squad leaders are requesting a rally point, where should they go?"
      "TO WAR."

    Breaking News - this just In......

    Halo 5 is being made by 343i. not Bungie.

    Dammit Serrels! You claim to be a fan of Halo yet you do not understand that Bungie sold the franchise to Microsoft!

    Urgh, fake geek guy gamer over here!

    How's the story hard to follow? You wake up from Cryo sleep after H3. You come across forerunner ring world. You come across Covenant (Aliens) and Prometheans (Digital Aliens) and big bad Forerunner (Ugly Alien).

    You then try to stop BBF. Captain wanker over there says no. Chief says no-u. You go on a mission to stop the BBF from firing the Death Star over Earth. You succeed, then space magicks happen.

    Can't wait... to buy it, then immediately piff it into my pile of shame.

      Halo has never been one of those games that hit my pile of shame. This might be the first as my thumbs can't stop playing Destiny! hahahahahahahelp me

        Just breath, and follow the narrative.

        Oh, wait... Destiny. Um...

    How about the human drama of sharing a couch with your bestie and tearing through a co-op campaign. With no split screen this is the first Halo I will not buy.

      Split screen = shittier graphics and slow game with bugs
      No split screen = better graphics and faster game
      think before you type

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