Halo 5 Looks Amazing With Someone Who Knows What They're Doing

Halo 5's multiplayer is something I'm already excited about. But when you watch clean, 60 frames per second footage of really good players absolutely wrecking shit, that excitement goes to a whole new level.

This footage was captured by Unyshek, a player who calls himself the Halo professor. He's pretty good. Good enough to completely dismantle the team he's up against in this video. Just by watching this video I'm starting to get a feel for how Halo 5 will play in the wild. I love the movement, the potential for escape, the shooting. I have a feeling 343 Industries has really nailed it here

Why am I excited about Halo 5's multiplayer? Mainly because it seems designed for exactly the type of Halo I enjoy: competitive, balanced 4v4 MLG-style arena play.

Halo 4 really lost its way trying to innovate (or imitate) in the wrong direction. Halo 5 has stripped things back and seems to have successfully reinvented the core of the multiplayer experience. That really excites me. Can't wait to play more.


    Hopefully there's enough Aussie buyers to fill up the servers.

    Someone is going to have to explain the difference from Halo 1,2,3,4 to 5? How can people hate on COD ( I don't play COD ) but praise this as the reinvention of multiplayer experience?

      All of those people have never played Goldeneye.

      I’ll have rough crack, although I’m not a Halo hardcore.

      Halo 1: 4 player split screen with innovative, open maps, VEHICLES (w/ fun physics) and brilliant LAN support in a time pre-Xbox live. Highly customisable game types. Both a new experience through the invention of a new game world (and the Warthog!) and a huge evolution in console multiplayer.
      Halo 2: Online multiplayer for 16 people (an early pioneer in console online) with support for local split screen at the same time. Fantastic maps, vehicles, game modes and weapons.
      Halo 3: The Forge allowed every map to be tinkered with and unprecedented customisation of both maps and game modes. Every match was recorded and could be replayed from any angle with the awesome video editor. Bungie.net recorded ridiculous stats for every map including player routes.
      Halo 4: As above…. “meh” for lots of people. Still good though.
      Halo 5: Hopefully a cool consolidation of everything that makes Halo fun.

      So basically people love it because Halo 1 was awesome and the vehicles, weapons and maps and game balance are always really cool.

      I can’t do a comparison of where it’s innovations come from in comparison to COD because I’ve only played about a quarter of the games that came out in the last 10 years and couldn’t tell you which ones, probably because they’re all the same.

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        Halo 1 established the standard for FPS console controls.

          As far as I know it also pioneered the recharging health bar and death as a result of receiving a sudden burst of damage instead of the ‘start at 100 and work down to 0’ system that was standard before Halo.

          I don’t like it entirely, but for online multiplayer games (including COD) it was a revelation. It stopped the need to be constantly collecting health packs.

      COD got stale because of the yearly release cycle as well as the over-saturation between different Modern Warfare and Black Ops games.

      The Halo games are generally really polished with good weapon balance and the multiplayer never feels too unbalanced or unfair because everyone's equipped with a reasonably limited weapon selection. Probably the biggest selling factor for Halo over COD is the single player campaigns, I actually want to replay the missions more than once and it still fun each time, COD just kinda takes you along for the cinematic ride.

      Halo 1 was amazing, but really shined on PC via online play. The physics were amazing, creating the sandbox environment there is in the Halos today, and the game play was simple enough. However, health bars, fall damage, and piloting vehicle would prove a challenge and atimes a drawback.

      Halo 2 got rid of health bar, brought in a simple dual welding mechanic, and focused on creating a sort of competitive arena environment. The vehicles would be easier to drive and the physics would be much improved in many aspects. (Also started the trend of creating massive scale maps in verticality and complexity.)

      Halo 3 made everything from Halo 2 just about the same way, but made the game play smoother and the graphics highly resolute. The maps would be tailored more for the arena crowd, but challenge what could be included in the game. In Halo 3 they would include a sort of third-party weapons in the form of equipment, which would challenge the rest of the games' multiplayers.

      Halo Reach traded the equipment in for actual abilities and the option to choose load outs before spawning. This game would leave the focus of arena in parts.

      Halo 4 would be just about the same as Reach in many ways, but the main differences would be giving the players the option of creating classes (if you will, not unlike CoD) and create a random kills treat system. The system wasn't random in the sense of how many points you needed to choose a power item, but there would be 3 random items put up for the player to select via the d-pad.

      Halo 5 is taking all the spartan abilities that 343 wants to use, creating more, and giving them all to the player without making the player choose between abilities. This is probably so that the abilities won't have to be seperated, which usually caused problems for the competitive arena group. The multiplayer is like the barebones weapon drop style like the rest of the Halo games, but also includes a split multiplayer for the casual players, which gives players an all new sandbox experience that give players much more choice, as this mode includes HUGE maps, choice of weapons and vehicles to spawn with, inclusion of AI, and 24 players (I think it's 24) team death match/League of Legends match all in one mode.

    It looks like he's playing against bots?

      Nah he's just way better than everyone else that gets gameplay of this game :/

    Let's see:

    Halo: Combat Evolved - Awesome controls for a first person shooter on a console with vehicles and large open maps.

    Halo 2 - Hard proof that online gaming and competitive matches could be done on a console.

    Halo 3 - The birth of the theatre mode combined with HD graphics, a more robust and balanced online gaming experience. It is the game that made me buy an Xbox 360, not Gear of War. And the Forge mode was fun.

    Halo 3: ODST - One of the better single player experiences with some great voicing talent and the introduction of the Firefight gamemode.

    Halo Reach - A true swan song containing a great single player campaign, the Forge mode was improved greatly and the improved 'Hit-scan' technology helped in the multiplayer arena.

    Halo 4 - The only Halo game to have a navive 720p resolution making this entry the best looking game of the series. However, the additions of perks, call packages, a killcam mode and the incluison of 'Join In Progress' functionality, didn't sit well with many fans.

    And no, I didn't cry at the end.

    This looks like COD but with Halo character models and maps, I think I'll pass.

    no DMR starts for BTB ( which had the most player count in Halo 4) is going to fail! Who can shoot across the map or even a medium distance with an AR starting weapon? Put it back to the successful formula used in Halo 4 BTB! Also, remake Terminal, Headlong, egg from Halo 2 for the new platform.

    also, cut the extended assignations cuz you end up getting killed when doing the extended assignation. Make it quick.

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