Harvey Norman Is Having A Massive Video Game Sale

Harvey Norman is hardly known for being one of the most gamer friendly retailers but right now it's having a massive sale on its website. Can't argue with Titanfall for $10 on the Xbox One.

What else is there?

— Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for $15 on PC. — Dragon Age: Inquisition for $38 on Xbox One. — The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for $67 on PS4. — Assassin's Creed Unity for $30 on Xbox One. — Evolve for $15 on PS4.

So yeah, a lot of good stuff here. Not just games but hardware as well. Logitech gaming keyboards, consoles. You can get a 500GB Xbox One with the Master Chief Collection for $498.

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    JB currently (or at least when I was there on Monday) have Assassin's Creed Unity for $29. That just seems to be the price now.

    Titanfall for $10 is pretty good, there's a lot of DLC to get to play the "current" iteration of the game but I feel like they recently released it all for free? That might have been a temporary deal.

      I seem to remember that too. If I were home I'd just check my XBOX since I know I didn't stick with it long enough to buy the DLC but if it were free I would have grabbed it for sure.

    They can discount all they want... I won't throw a single dollar towards Gerry Harvey... the ignorant prick.

      Agree 1000%. Will never give him another cent.


        He was the lead whinger about people not having to pay GST on online purchases.

        He's aggressively anti-consumer in his attitudes and makes a lot of political noise to get his views represented.

        I agree with @braaains and @transientmind, but I'd like to add he's also Hypocritical in that he built his empire on importing cheaply and dodging the local taxes and then got upset when consumers worked out how to do the same thing.

        If I didn't have a friend who loves walking through HN to balk at the prices and buy from a ton of cheaper places I'd never set foot in the place.

      Might go there myself. There are some games that catch my eye but also the HN near me is staffed by the few EB Games staff that treated me very well back in the day so I might as well support them.

      EB price matched Borderlands Handsome Collection to $48 so discount and I didn't give money to Jerky Harvey. Honestly I feel better giving money to EB who can still be pretty evil on a corporate level, but the Staff locally are very nice.

      Also here's a better sale listing they have a ton of stuff that you can get Price Matched.

        Damn that's a bit of an ethical dilemma isn't it LOL

          Tell me about it.

          If only there was a small independent game store with good prices or a wholly Australian owned option. I'm not sure about JB, but for some reason I have a much better opinion of them.

          Last edited 25/09/15 6:24 pm

      Totally agree with weresmurf. Harvey cries like a little baby because people are buying things online and from overseas rather than his overpriced store.
      It's because of wingers like Harvey who have the ears of dumb pollies that the govt is trying to push through legislation taxing online purchases. Despite the fact that half the stuff can't be bought anywhere else anyway.

      Not a single red cent from me.

    A huge sale of about 10 games per console.

      There is about 37 XB1 games listed, I don't care enough to count the other consoles but I agree the last gen machines are down to a handful of titles.

    Meh, that only thing on there is the old 12GB PS3, and that's only because it'll let me slap on the CobraODE so I can finally play Tales of Vesperia with an english patch for the subtitles and menus!

    That's pretty underwhelming...I'll go back to the sales on Steam, GOG, Humble store/bundle, GMG and Gamersgate.

    Let me know when the retail stores catch up. PC master race FTW

      I barely even go through normal Steam any more, it's pretty sad but they've been having less and less decent deals these days :( But between Ogs, GMG and Gog, yeah my bases are covered.

        When you say decent deals are you talking about new releases. Currently everything Dawn of War related is 75% of which is a great price (but has been done before)

          Nah there's more and more stuff that seems to be comparative to instore prices in some shameful cases. Xcom 2 for instance, plus other games such as Phantom Pain, the pricing is utterly ridiculous.

        Yeah, I've been using steam more as a hub to find indie games then I buy the steam keys elsewhere. My main issue with them is all the prices are USD still and I'm sick of not knowing how much they're actually charging me.

    Can you play Titanfall offline or is it an online only kinda thing?

      It's entirely multiplayer. Even the campaign is basically a series of multiplayer deathmatch/objective games with loading-screen voiceovers explaining the storyline.

      I think one of the updates added a horde mode vs. AI but I assume you still need to play with other people.

    I recently picked up Titanfall on XBOX One after playing it at launch on the 360. I wasn't sure if anyone still played but was surprised to see that there is a strong community of people still playing. Last month I would see anywhere between 1500 to 4000 people online. Still good fun and well worth the 10 bucks.

    How is that a massive sale? It's neither in price nor scale.

    And even if it was, Gerry Harvey will never receive a cent from me.

    Last time there was one of these things through the website, there were all sorts of problems with people not getting their games for weeks or months and needing to climb through customer service hell to get anyone to talk to because the stores said to talk to the website people who didn't have phones or direct e-mail addresses and didn't respond to the web forms.

    Fair warning.

      I think I ended up telling them to shove it. I bought it, went to pick up in store and they didn't have it.

    We cannot condone supporting HN.

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