Here's A Thing That Happens In SOMA

Here's A Thing That Happens In SOMA

You find these pulsing monstrosities all over the place in SOMA. You don't have to interact with most of them, but what happens when you do? It's, uh, well...

Things have gone poorly for the underwater station players are left to rot in. Everyone's dead, nightmarish robots run wild, and there's a mysterious growth that's infecting everything, regardless of whether it's organic or machine.

Players can't interact with everything in SOMA, but it becomes clear early on that you can mess around with these things. To what end? Who knows. (OK, given that I've reviewed the game, I do actually know, but stay with me here.)

The first one you come across results in little more than a flash of light.

Here's A Thing That Happens In SOMA

Weird? Yep! But not that weird, given everything else going on in this game.

Touching "them" doesn't seem to imbue the player with any special powers, but there has to be a reason for their existence, right? So, naturally, you want to keep touching them. That's what I kept doing for the first couple of hours!

That is, until I ran into this.

(I recommend turning on the sound for maximum effect.)

"Jesus christ, what the hell?" is right, my man.

Fuck that.


    Urgh! Reminds me of the eggs in Alien. Is it pulsing? DON'T TOUCH IT! Is there something moving around inside it? DON'T STICK YOUR FACE NEAR IT! Does it look like an anus? DON'T TOUCH IT OR STICK YOUR FACE NEAR IT!! ... unless that's your thing ...

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    And that's it? No further discussion, speculation.. Goddamn now I wanna know what they are!!

    It's a shame that explaining these would spoil the story. Such a detailed game

    They heal you? When I'm injured (which slows you down, ie you start limping or whatever) I 'touch' them and I'm suddenly as limber as ever. They do have the cross/health symbol after all.

    Don't read the following unless you want the plot spoiled for you:
    Turns out you have been dead since the beginning of the game, and you're actually a 'scan' of your brain inhabiting a machine/suit. Mankind was hit by a comet at some point, where the scientists in Pathos have survived underwater all this time with the hopes of sending these scans to space in order to continue the human race, but the facility was overrun by machines (naturally). Most of the crew have been completely taken over but they're not all so bad!
    Hence, puckered anuses on the wall can heal you, figure it's like interfacing with a charge socket, except more organic. And with 99% more veins!

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