Blink Dagger - Blink And You'll Miss It

Here's an extremely impressive wood carving of Dota 2's famous "Blink Dagger," made by Reddit's GremLinzTat. Do you think making this beauty took more or less time than actually nailing the proper in-game technique for using the teleportation device? Probably less. See more photos on imgur.


    It's hard to master using blink dagger?

      Actually yes, it is.

      The max range of the blink is 1200 units, but if you click 1201 units or more, then the blink is only 960 units.

      So basically, you need an intimate understanding of the range of the blink and be able to click there regularly without overestimating the distance. Mastering it does take some skill.

        BTW you can turn on an option called 'ability range finder' in the options menu's that will help nail the range correctly.

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          Wait, are you kidding? When did that become a thing?

          I know it used to be possible by using console commands, but never thought it was an official option. I don't like it - people should be forced to learn the ability ranges like I did 10 years back :/

            LOL yeah I agree, they should need the tonnes of 'trial and error' that I had to go through too back on WC3 days ;) Puts hairs on your chest!
            (In fact, the muscle memory is still so strong from those days that I STILL make sure to use my magic stick charges before upgrading it to magic wand, as in those days when the item upgraded you lost all the collected charges, but yeah that's not the case any more)
            Yeah not sure when it was added, but yeah was clicking through the options the other night, and yeah there is an option for 'Show Ability Range Finder' or similar that shows a green arrow up to the range of the ability. Very helpful, espec for blinking I find, since as you point out if you go past the max range, the max range is decreased

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              All it takes is a few matches with blink dagger before you really get it nailed anyway. It's not like learning the ins and outs of Armlet Toggling.

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